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Da Nang beaches

Da Nang Vietnam beaches: 11+ HOTTEST places for beachgoers

25/03/2023 1880 views

Da Nang beaches in general and the following 11 beaches in particular will make your trip to Central Vietnam worthwhile. Check them all out!

Da Nang beaches

Da Nang beaches are the best in Vietnam (Source: Collected)

Da Nang has so many tourist attractions, among which Da Nang beaches are the prominent ones. Each beach has its own charm throughout the year, where visitors can swim, play water games, contemplate the sunrise and sunset, and enjoy fresh seafood to recharge their energy. The beaches in Da Nang have been likened to valuable natural treasures to both locals and tourists.

1. Son Tra Beach – One of the best beaches in Da Nang

  • Location: Son Tra District, 8 kilometres to the northeast of Da Nang city centre

Son Tra Peninsula has cool weather all year round and diverse flora and fauna. There are various beautiful beaches surrounding the 60 square-kilometre peninsula, such as Da Den Beach, Tien Sa Beach, Nam Beach, Bu Beach, and Bac Beach. Between March and September is the best time to visit the peninsula as it is the dry season. There may be rain or fog here for the rest of the year.

On Da Den Beach, there are many big black stones scattered along the beach, which act as natural banks for the small and large ponds in the area. The sea water here is clear and suitable for swimming thanks to the gentle waves. Visitors can try fishing or scuba diving to see the coral under the water.

Da Nang beaches

Son Tra has the best Da Nang beaches (Source: Collected)

2. Da Nang My Khe Beach – A world-renowned beach

  • Location: Vo Nguyen Giap Road, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District

Da Nang My Khe Beach is a must-visit place as it is the nearest beach to the city centre. It was rated as one of the most attractive beaches on the planet by Forbes magazine, one of the top 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia by the readers of the travel website TripAdvisor’s readers, and one of the 10 most popular beaches in Asia by The Herald Sun of Australia.

The beach runs 10 kilometres long from the base of Son Tra Peninsula to the Marble Mountains with smooth white sand. The area hosts many cultural and entertainment activities such as wave skiing, fishing, parachuting, and volleyball. The blue sky, smooth sand, and calm sea attract visitors all year round.

3. Bac My An Beach

  • Location: Bac My An, Ngu Hanh Son District

Although Bac My An Beach is not as famous as My Khe Beach, this is still a place for visitors all year round due to its ideal temperature for water activities. The beach is a good venue for team-building activities, picnics, or for couples strolling along the sand strip to watch the sunrise and sunset.

The beach runs 4 kilometres long with shite smooth sand and clear blue water. It is a paradise for water sports like scuba diving, snorkel, kayaking, and windsurfing. Nearby, there are many Da Nang beach resorts that have international standards and reasonable rates.

Da Nang beaches

Bac My An Beach in Da Nang attracts many visitors (Source: Collected)

4. Tien Sa Beach Da Nang

  • Location: Yet Kieu Street, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District

Tien Sa Beach has been a popular destination among Da Nang beaches. The romantic pristine landscape has been the inspiration for many poets and composers. The beach is ideal for both solo travellers and groups of tourists. Here, they can take a lot of beautiful photos with the romantic scenery of turquoise clear water, endless long sand strips, and rustling trees in the winds. As one of Da Nang best beaches, Tien Sa Beach can host outdoor BBQ parties as well.

Da Nang beaches

The beach has an inspiring romantic landscape (Source: Collected)

5. Non Nuoc Beach – One of the most famous Da Nang beaches

  • Location: Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District

Non Nuoc Beach was listed as one of the six most beautiful beaches on the planet by Forbes magazine in 2005. Although it has been a popular destination for many years, the beach still retains its pristine beauty. Zigzagging its way down at the foot of the Marble Mountain, the beach has calm waves, turquoise water, and long white sand strips.

Imagine lying and relaxing under the shades of coconut trees and sipping a cool drink to chase away all the hustle and bustle of life. You can swim around, sunbathe, and play water sports such as water scooting, wave surfing, and diving. From here, you can stroll around to explore the landscape of the Marble Mountains and visit the nearby stone carving village.

Non Nuoc Da Nang Beach Vietnam

Non Nuoc Da Nang Beach Vietnam still retains its pristine beauty despite its popularity (Source: Collected)

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6. Xuan Thieu Beach Da Nang

  • Location: Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Hoa Hiep Nam Ward, Lien Chieu District

Xuan Thieu Beach is also known as Red Beach as at sunset, the sun is reflected on the water as if a red coat were covering the area. From this beach, you can see Hai Van Mountain or Son Tra Peninsula.

This quiet sea area in Da Nang Bay has smooth white sand, which is more slopy than other beaches near Da Nang. The water here is calmer and less salty than in other places as well. Tourists can play games such as volleyball, tug of war, football, and water scooting.

Da Nang beaches

Xuan Thieu Beach has its own charm despite the slopy terrain (Source: Collected)

7. Bai Rang Da Nang

  • Location: Son Tra Peninsula, some 14 kilometres away from Da Nang city centre

Bai Rang Beach is known as the best place to contemplate the sunrise. When the sun appears in the morning, it will seemingly dye a part of the sky red. Here, you are advised to camp overnight, set up tents on the sand strip, and make a campfire. Then in the next morning, you should wake up early to see the magnificent sunrise.

The gentle cool clear water of Bai Rang Beach will be very relaxing for you to swim around. Sport lovers can try water scooting, windsurfing, or kayaking. You can organise an outdoor BBQ party with seafood bought from local fishermen right on the beach. The prices of the seafood here are quite reasonable.

Da Nang beaches

The sunrise on Bai Rang Beach will be magnificent (Source: Collected)

8. Lang Van Beach – Among Da Nang best beaches

  • Location: At the foot of Hai Van Pass, Hoa Hiep Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District

If you like to see one of Da Nang beaches that has pristine beauty, don’t miss out on Lang Van Beach. This beach is a part of a village with the same name. Few tourists know about this village, so the beach here is clean and cool. Swimming around, you will feel totally relaxed amidst fresh nature.

Camping by the beach will be a wonderful experience as you lie on your back to watch the sky, the earth, the sea, and the mountains blending like in a romantic painting. You can have a BBQ party, sing, and dance by the fire.

The village is quite far away from the city centre, so there are not many services available here. In order to have a proper BBQ party by the sea, you should bring along your own coal and grill. As for food, you can buy fresh seafood at the village.

The village is as quiet as one depicted in a legend, which is suitable for those who like exploring. You can rent a canoe to travel around, see Hai Van Pass, and enjoy unwinding on an immense sea.

Da Nang beaches

Few people know about Lang Van Beach (Source: Collected)

9. Pham Van Dong Beach Da Nang

  • Location: Pham Van Dong Street, Son Tra District

Pham Van Dong Beach has a modern beauty with various entertainment activities. The seawater here has a turquoise colour, embracing the smooth sand strips. You can also come to Bien Dong Park nearby to take photos, which has a stunning view of the sunset. Here, there are also many water games, such as parachuting, diving, and canoeing.

Da Nang beaches

Pham Van Dong Beach has the typical features of Da Nang beaches (Source: Collected)

10. Thanh Binh Beach Da Nang

  • Location: Ong Ich Khiêm Street, Thanh Binh Ward, Hai Chau District

Thanh Binh Beach in Da Nang is stunningly pristine, with gentle waves and lots of wind. This is the ideal place for activities like diving, swimming, windsurfing, and yachting. As its name suggest (Thanh Binh means Peace in Vietnamese), the beach is much quieter than other Da Nang beaches. It runs just 1 kilometre in length, with calm and turquoise water. The scenery will look even more spectacular and colourful at sunrise and sunset.

Da Nang beaches

Enjoy the fresh atmosphere and unique scenery at Thanh Binh Beach in Da Nang (Source: Collected)

11. Sao Bien Beach Da Nang

  • Location: Vo Nguyen Giap Road, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District

Sao Bien Beach in Da Nang is a favourite public beach, where visitors can swim around and play many water sports. In 2019, one year after being struck by devastating storms, the beach was renovated and equipped with more modern facilities to serve locals and visitors.

Apart from the beautiful above-mentioned beaches, tourists to Da Nang often pay a visit to the nearby Hoi An Ancient Town as well. Just some 30 kilometres away from Da Nang, Hoi An offers an escape to the past of Vietnam with many old houses, a slow pace of life, and various tasty delicacies.

While you are in Hoi An, remember to come to VinWonders Nam Hoi An to experience the many modern entertainment games here. About 17 kilometres away from Hoi An city centre, VinWonders Nam Hoi An is a top-rated amusement park. It is open daily from 9 am to 8 pm and offers a variety of exciting activities for visitors to try in its following five subdivisions.

Da Nang beaches

Da Nang beaches

Visit VinWonders Nam Hoi An to have lots of fun after exploring Da Nang beaches

  • Harbor Corner: You can see 12 huge symbolic ships at the entrance of this subdivision. The distinctive scenery and ambiance of a bustling commercial port in the 16th and 17th centuries are recreated in this area.
  • Island of Folk Culture: There are many different art forms which have been recognised by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritages of the world. Here, tourists can explore the aesthetic pinnacle of traditional Vietnamese communities.
  • River Safari: Here, you can cruise down a river that is modeled like the renowned Amazon River and observe a variety of animals. Specifically, it is home to 50 animal species from Vietnam and around the world as well.
  • Adventure Land: This subdivision is an entertainment haven with about 100 indoor games and more than 20 amazing outdoor games. It is considered the best location for thrill-seeking tourists to show off their bravery.
  • Water World: This subdivision offers visitors a wonderful system of slides, pools, and fantastic water activities. Among them, the 55-metre-long Boomerang Slide is a must-try to unwind with your loved ones.

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Da Nang has been bestowed with so many attractions by Mother Nature. Da Nang beaches have been like magnets to visitors. Coming here, you can swim around, have fun, relax, and enjoy fresh seafood. Explore some of these 11 top beaches in your Da Nang trip to see how Vietnam is such a beautiful and worth-visiting country.

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