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Flowers of Vietnam

Flowers of Vietnam: TOP 10+ representatives of the beauty of the year

30/04/2023 840 views

Flowers of Vietnam are the decorations for scenery. Learn about the 10+ most popular flowers to contemplate them when you are in the country.

Vietnam travel and tourism attracts tourists all over the world with its many mesmerising landscapes, which are often decorated with various imported or local flowers of Vietnam. Read this listicle thoroughly to know more about the flowers and nature in the S-shaped country.

1. What is the national flower of Vietnam?

Lotus flower Vietnam, a symbol of purity and nobleness, is Vietnam’s national flower, representing the characters and spiritual identity of the country. Lotus can be seen throughout Vietnam, especially in the Mekong Delta area. All parts of the lotus can be used, such as to be made into ingredients for drinks, medicines, foods, and gifts.

Although having a seemingly fragile appearance, lotus is actually very resilient. It grows high over layers of mud, which can be compared to the strength of Vietnamese people. Like lotus, the people have been overcoming many ups and downs and winning against much stronger invaders throughout history.

Besides, lotus is also named the flower of Buddhism, representing kindness. There are many images of Buddha sitting on a lotus, which you can see in temples and pagodas in Vietnam.

Flowers of Vietnam

Lotus is considered the national flower of Vietnam (Source: Collected)

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2. The 10 beautiful flowers of Vietnam to see throughout the year

From spring to winter, there are various flowers of Vietnam blooming, which is like a hidden charm of Vietnamese nature for tourists to unveil.

2.1. Peach blossom flower (Hoa dao) – the symbol of spring in the North

If you are having a Hanoi travel journey or a trip to other northern provinces in spring, you will have a chance to contemplate the peach blossom.

Peach blossoms are a symbol of spring and the Lunar New Year in Northern Vietnam. At this time, wild peach blossoms bloom all over northern mountainous areas like Mai Chau, Moc Chau, Sa Pa and Ha Giang, which is also a natural sign for the end of cold winter and the arrival of warm spring.

Vietnamese people believe that the flower represents prosperity and good luck. Before the Lunar New Year, peach blossoms from mountains or gardens will be transferred to big cities. People buy them to decorate their houses. Tourists can see peach blossoms on every street in Hanoi before and during Tet holiday.

Flowers of Vietnam

As a Vietnam Tet flower, peach blossoms bring along good luck for the new year (Source: Collected)

2.2. Yellow apricot flower (Hoa mai) – the Vietnam Tet flower in the South

If peach blossoms are a Tet flower in the North, yellow apricot flower is an iconic Tet flower in the South. Its bright yellow colour is considered the colour of hope, light, wealth, and good luck. In ancient literature, the apricot flower was considered the essence of spring, as beneath its slender appearance is a strong willpower with a mild aroma. The elderly prefer old apricot bonsai, as they hope to live long and strong like the bonsai.

Flowers of Vietnam

The apricot flower is Vietnam Tet flower in the South (Source: Collected)

2.3. Bougainvillea flower (Hoa giay) – a flower with ​​paper-like petals

Bougainvillea is a popular ornamental plant in Vietnam. In central coastal areas, such as Da Nang, Hoi An, Quy Nhon, Phu Yen, Nha Trang, and Mui Ne, where there is high temperature and humidity, the flower blooms well with striking colours. It is easy to grow as it does not need much care and water. The flower flourishes in summer time, between March and June.

The soft, delicate paper-like petals can serve as a decoration outside houses. You can see striking bougainvillea at the old houses in Hoi An Ancient Town. It often climbs on the entrance, roofs, or mossy walls, which also provide a good background for taking photos.

Flowers of Vietnam

Bougainvillea flower is among the most popular flowers of Vietnam (Source: Collected)

2.4. Flamboyant flower (Hoa phuong) – the reminder of summer

The flamboyant flowers blooming in May, when the school year ends and summer holiday begins for students. The striking red flowers blooming on the background of green leaves are quite a sight. The northern coastal city of Hai Phong has the most number of flamboyant trees. The city even organises a Flamboyant Flower Festival every year to attract tourists.

Flowers of Vietnam

The flamboyant flowers of Vietnam remind people of summer (Source: Collected)

2.5. Wild sunflower (Hoa da quy) – a flower with brilliant yellow color

The yellow wild sunflower is often seen in central highland areas like Da Lat, Gia Lai, and Kon Tum. The flowers grow in bushes, with leaves resembling those of chrysanthemum. The flower petals are thin, with a bright yellow colour.

Gia Lai Province hosts a wild sunflower festival every year in November, while Da Lat City often uses the flower as a symbol for its annual flower festival at the end of the year. If you want to contemplate the flower, come to the central highland region of Vietnam in October.

Flowers of Vietnam

The wild sunflowers of Vietnam have thin yellow petals (Source: Collected)

2.6. Vietnam rose flower (Hoa hong) – Vietnam’s flower of love

Roses are the favourite flowers in Vietnam. Like in other countries, they are a symbol of love and often named as the ‘queen of flowers’. Roses can be seen throughout Vietnam. They are best grown in regions with cool weather, especially in Sa Pa and Da Lat.

Flowers of Vietnam

The rose flowers of Vietnam represent love (Source: Collected)

2.7. Red silk cotton flower (Hoa gao) – a popular flower in Northern villages

Red silk cotton flower is considered a symbol of northern rural villages. It is in full bloom at the end of spring and the beginning of summer (in April). The flowers have a cup shape with five red petals, which can stay on branches for two weeks before falling down.

You can see red silk cotton flowers in the northern countryside and mountainous areas. According to an old verse, when farmers see the flowers falling down, it means the sesame growing season is coming, and it is high time for them to put away warm blankets to get ready for a new summer.

Flowers of Vietnam

The red silk cotton flowers of Vietnam are a symbol of northern villages (Source: Collected)

2.8. Water lily flower (Hoa sung) – one of the best flowers in Vietnamese culture

Water lily flower is a tropical water-based flower like lotus. It often blooms between October and November. For the rest of the year, the flower hides deep under the water.

Water lily flowers are often grown in lakes to decorate the scenery. They grow well in the Mekong Delta area. In the flooding season (between September and mid-November), the locals harvest water lilies to earn extra income. Similar to lotus, all parts of the flower can be used for various purposes.

Flowers of Vietnam

The water lily flowers in Vietnam can both decorate the landscape and bring sustainable income to the locals (Source: Collected)

2.9. Blackboard tree flower (Hoa sua) – the sign of autumn

When the weather gets cooler, people can smell a gentle aroma in the streets of Hanoi. That is when blackboard tree flowers bloom and autumn comes. The flowers grow in clusters with small white petals.

The blooming season of hoa sua starts in September and ends in December. Its aroma is more obvious at the end of the season, especially at night. The wind further spreads the aroma in the air, which has become the favourite feature of autumn especially for the people of Hanoi.

Flowers of Vietnam

Hoa sua cannot be found at traditional Vietnam flower market as it grows high on the tree and can wither easily (Source: Collected)

2.10. Buckwheat flower (Hoa tam giac mach) – a traditional flower in the Northwestern highlands

Buckwheat flower is grown in northwestern mountainous areas. The blooming season starts from late October and ends in early November, during which the colour of the flowers is white, then changes into pink, purple, and finally turns dark red. Locals often harvest the wheat from buckwheat to make cakes. Their seeds are also used to add flavour to wine.

You can see vast terrace fields of buckwheat flowers in Lao Cai, Cao Bang, Ha Giang, where the white and pink flowers spread over the plateau. Ha Giang Province also hosts a buckwheat flower festival every year to attract visitors.

Flowers of Vietnam

Buckwheat flowers of Vietnam have been a source of staple food for ethnic minority groups in northern province (Source: Collected)

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Flowers of Vietnam

Flowers of Vietnam

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Flowers of Vietnam

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Flowers of Vietnam

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Flowers of Vietnam

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Vietnam’s nature is so diverse with rich flora and fauna, especially the flowers of Vietnam. The above-mentioned 10 most popular flowers are just one distinguished example of the secrets that visitors should unveil while travelling to the country. Contemplate the flowers and you will be inspired!

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