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VinKE Times City: Ultimate membership policy 2022

25/03/2023 Booking Period: 01/05 - 01/12/2023

VinKE Times City – with modern entertainment and educational activities and games – is even more alluring with the most up-to-date favourable membership policy.

VinKE Times City has been a favourite destination for families with small children. Your family will have a chance to have fun together and educate your children in the complex of 4,000 square metres. You will lose yourself in a mysterious maze of mirrors, or in a 5D film cinema world. The children will play and learn in the career game area. Follow the ultimate membership policy to enjoy the most services here !

1. Special offers for “loyal members” of VinKE Times City

  • Unlimited times of use (even on weekends and holidays)
  • Free-entrance for a caretaker (who should be over 18 years old)
  • Discount of 5% in price when buying at least 2 membership cards
  • Addition of 5% in points to VinID card – Reduction of 5% for Pearl Club membership card owners
  • Discount of up to 15% for customers who extend their membership cards
  • Discount of 20% for Vinhomes residents

Member packages at VinKE

Card Category Price
VinKe Membership 1 month VND 700,000 (US$30)
3 months VND 1,200,000 (US$51)
6 months VND 1,500,000 (US$64)
12 months VND 1,800,000 (US$77)


Five reasons to get a Loyal Membership card at VinKE Times City:

  • The “3 in 1” VinKE game & education area has been an ideal destination to nurture dreams for children, where they can experience their dream careers, learn and practise new skills. 
  • With that format, VinKE offers many work experiences to let children be creative, develop their passions and explore future careers.  
  • Children can hone their communication skills and make new friends.  
  • There are nearly 200 game machines of international standards for children to play. 
  • A playground area with diverse physical games for children to explore.


  • Ticket prices already include VAT
  • The offers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion policies
  • Customers should buy tickets directly at the reception desk to get the offers
  • Customers should show their ID paper/Driving license/etc. when registering as a caretaker for children

Be a smart parent, provide career orientation and bring interesting experiences to your children at VinKE Times City. Take the offers to enjoy the best services here!

For more details, contact the hotline: 1900 6677 (#3)

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