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Electric Tram is an additional service for guests who wish to save time from walking. There are two types of tram: - VIP Tour package for family group who want to rent exclusive tram, with an exclusive tour guide in 60 minute zoo tour, one free elephant meal & free transfer from the safari to the gate - Internal Tram for guests who have limited time. The tram moves between 3 stations. Guests purchasing this service have unlimited use within the day Electric Tram is not included in your entrance ticket. Please purchase separately at the ticket booth.


Vinpearl Safari base on guest's height to determine the ticket price. Children higher than 1m4 will be charged with adult ticket


The ticket includes bus to visit the semi-wide safari, service at locker-counter & shows. The ticket excludes electric tram service to visit the animal zoo area, baby strollers, wheelchairs, F&B services


After confirmed payments, guests will receive a ticket code which can be scanned at the entrance to enter the Safari


If the ticket is purchased directly at Safari ticket booth, guests contact staff at the ticket booth for support. In other cases, please contact the agency where the purchase is made for support


You can buy combo ticket for Vinpearl Safari & VinWonders. The combo is valid within day & at lower price than purchasing each ticket separately.


Vinpearl Safari has umbrellas for rent at 20,000 VND/time and a deposit fee of 200,000 VND/piece


Vinpearl Safari has free wheelchair support for the elderly as well as the disabled. Please contact the locker counter to register. The deposit fee is VND 500,000/wheelchair and will be refunded after the wheelchair is returned


If you lost the locker key, please inform our staffs at the locker counter or contact hotline 0931022929. Vinpearl Safari is not responsible for your personal belongings in the locker if you lost the key. You will be requested to pay 50,000 VND and describe in detail your belongings. Our staffs will base on your provided information to check and return your belongings


Vinpearl Safari has stations to pick up guests, locating at: Eden Resort, Coi Nguon restaurant, Kim Hoa hotel... The first bus will depart at 8:00 am. You can call the hot line 093 102 29 29 or 1900 66 77 ext 4 for support


There are two main means of transport: taxi and bus. Free bus picks up guests from Duong Dong town center to Vinpearl Safari. Please refer to the website for bus schedule


There is free bus from the town to Vinpearl Safari at fixed station & timeslot. Please contact hotline 1900 66 77 (#4) for more detail.


Guests can use the VIP tour at 1,500,000 VND/tram (maximum 7 guests/60 minutes with the following benefits: - Exclusive tour guide in 60 minutes - Tram stops as requested for taking photos & sightseeing - One free meal for Elephant - Exclusive line to queue for semi-wide area bus - Free tram supports transfer to the gate after the bus tour


Internal electric tram (80,000 VND for guests with height from 1m to 1m4, 100,000 VND for guests with height from 1m4 and above) - Tour guide gives brief introduction to the stations - The bus stops at 3 sightseeing stations: Kid Zoo, Elephant, Cabbage-tailed lemur - Unlimited rides - Tram can pick up 22 passengers - Tram ticket is valid for use during the day


External Food are not allowed in Vinpearl Safari. However, in special cases as baby or newborn, Vinpearl Safari can be flexible for guests to bring in milk/porridge.


Vinpearl Safari has a very tight security system to ensure customer safety. In an unfortunate event, Vinpearl Safari has technical staff equipped with strict procedures and first-aid medical team affiliated with Vinmec international hospital, on duty to support you immediately


15 minutes maximum per bus


Safari consists of 2 areas: Open Zoo area and Semi-wide area. Walking to visit the Open Zoo area will take about 1.5 - 2 hours, the Safari area will take about 30 - 45 minutes to visit. Thus, the total time to visit the whole Vinpearl Safari will take about 2-3 hours, depending on the speed of travel and the area you want to visit.


Inform the nearest staffs or contact hotline 093 102 2929 for support


HOTLINE: 1900 6677


If you do not find the answer in the list. Please contact the admin via email:

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