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VinWonders Nha Trang
VW Nha Trang – Nội quy & giá vé en

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*Height from 140cm

*Height from 100cm-140cm

*From 60 years old

VinWonders Nha Trang Ticket Prices
No. Ticket types Visitors from 140cm in height Visitors from 100cm to under 140cm in height Elderly visitors (aged 60 and over)
01 Standard admission ticket 950.000 VND 710.000 VND 710.000 VND
02 Admission ticket after 4 pm 660.000 VND 500.000 VND 500.000 VND
03 Ticket to “Tata Show” & Round trip cable car 200.000 VND 140.000 VND 140.000 VND


  • The rates are inclusive of VAT
  • Elderly guests (from 60 years old up) must present ID upon entrance to redeem the pref- erential rate.
  • Complimentary entrance for children under 100cm tall.
  • 5% discount of VinID member will be accumulated into VinID card.

Play Zone Regulations

1. You are not allowed to bring into the zone:

– Food and beverages other than foods intended for use by children or people on a special diet; Live animals; Bicycles, skis, roller skates and sound-emitting equipment which may affect the welfare of visitors or animals; Weapons (including bow and arrow), explosive substances, banned goods.

You can use the locker service for visitors in the areas near the entrance.

2. With admission tickets, you may participate in all games and visit all areas at VinWonders in accordance with regulations (except services incurred at your request). Tickets purchased are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

3. Children under 140cm and children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

4. Practice a civilised lifestyle:

Order in line at each sightseeing and play area. Do not step on the grass, break the branches to pick flowers, damage the landscape, trees, property and other decoration and display items in the amusement park. Do not discard litter or spit indiscriminately causing unsanitary conditions.

5. Keep the necessary safe distance when moving. Do not stand on the wall or guardrail of the landscape lake. Do not lay on or climb trees, public benches or wooden chairs. Do not sit on the railing, lean against fenced areas or other places that have danger warning signs.

6. Protect and safeguard your personal belongings. The Management Board is not responsible for any personal property damage occurring within VinWonders.

7. Always follow the instructions and guidance of the staff at sightseeing areas, especially in emergency situations.

8. Absolutely do not smoke (except for designated locations).

9. Do not feed animals arbitrarily, except where permitted and using the food provided and instructed by animal care personnel.

10. Have absolute respect for animal life: Do not use the flash when photographing animals; Do not throw objects into the area where animals live; Do not disturb, incite or provoke animals in any form; Do not access animal enclosures and staff areas.

11. Commercial filming and photography activities need prior approval from the Management Board.

12. Acts that are contrary to the fine traditions and customs of Vietnam and the laws of Vietnam, as well as acts that adversely affect the aesthetics or other visitors, are strictly forbidden. Do not gamble and organise gambling on site.

For your safety and the community’s, we look forward to your active and voluntary cooperation. The Management Board may ask you to leave VinWonders and is not responsible for refunding tickets and compensating for any damage if you do not comply with the foregoing regulations.

Thank you!


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