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VW Wave Park & Water Park – Nội quy & giá vé EN

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*Height from 140cm

*Height from 100cm-140cm

*From 60 years old

                                                                              Ticket prices VinWonders Wave Park & Water Park 2024

Category VinWonders Wave Park

(Ocean Park 2)

VinWonders Water Park

(Ocean Park 3)

Combo VinWonders Wave Park & Water Park
Adults ≥ 140cm Children 80 – 140cm Adults ≥ 140cm Children 80 – 140cm Adults ≥ 140cm Children 80 – 140cm
Weekdays (Mon-Fri) ticket 250.000 VND 150.000 VND 250.000 VND 150.000 VND 300.000 VND 230.000 VND
Weekends, Holiday ticket 300.000 VND 210.000 VND 300.000 VND 210.000 VND 400.000 VND 280.000 VND
Claw machine game token
25.000 VND/ 5 token
50.000 VND/ 12 token
100.000 VND/ 24 token
200.000 VND/ 48 token
500.000 VND/ 120 token
Not applicable
Prize game ticket 20.000 VND 20.000 VND Not applicable
The ATV game 50.000 VND Not applicable
Kayaking 100.000 VND 100.000 VNĐ Not applicable
BB grill rental Not applicable 100.000 VND/ 4 hours Not applicable
One-month validity member card 1.800.000 VND 1.200.000 VND 1.800.000 VND 1.200.000 VND 2.500.000 VND 1.650.000
3-month validity member card 3.600.000 VND 2.500.000 VND 3.600.000 VND 2.500.000 VND 5.000.000 VND 3.300.000 VND


  • Holidays include: apply to public holidays as per the regulations of the Ministry of Labor each year.
  • Entrance tickets, membership cards do not include Prize games, ATV games and claw machines
  • For student guests booked through the Sales Department via channels such as schools, travel agencies, or agents, additional charges apply for height differences between guests (80-140cm to ≥140cm) and for weekend/public holiday ticket usage compared to weekdays. These charges are based on the listed prices for different ticket types
  • Tickets cannot be refunded, canceled, or exchanged for other services.


To ensure the best experience during your visit, please follow the instructions of the staff and adhere to the following regulations:

1. The following items are prohibited:

  • Food, beverages (except food for children or those with special dietary needs).
  • Live animals
  • Bicycles, skateboards, skates, and audio devices that may affect other visitors and animals.
  • Weapons (including bows and crossbows), explosives, and illegal items.

Storage services are available for visitors at the locker area.

2. Visitors with entrance tickets are eligible to participate in all games and visit all sightseeing areas within VinWonders Wave Park/VinWonders Water Park during operational hours. However, tickets do not include access to single-ticket games, coin-operated games, kayaking, BBQ, and other additional services available upon request. Please note that tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

3. For your own safety, please follow the regulations and the instructions of the staff regarding height and health requirements for each game.

4. Please comply with the following:

  • Please queue orderly at the entrance of each game and sight-seeing area.
  • Please do not step on the grass, break twigs, pick flowers, or damage any of the park’s properties, including trees, assets, decorative items, and exhibits
  • Put away trash in the right places. Do not litter or spit in the park.

5. Maintain a safe distance from others while walking. Avoid standing on walls or railings near ponds. Please do not lie on or climb trees, benches, or chairs in public areas. Keep off the grass, tree tubs, and flower beds. Ensure children do not sit on handrails, and refrain from leaning on fences or areas marked with danger signs.

6. Please take care of your own personal belongings. We are not liable for any loss or damage.

7. Always follow the instructions and guidance of our staff, especially in case of emergency.

8. Do not smoke outside of designated areas

9. Filming and photographing for commercial purposes require approval by the Park Management Board in advance.

10. Activities against Vietnamese customs and traditions or laws, adversely affecting the landscape or other visitors, are strictly forbidden. Gambling is not allowed in the park

For the safety of everyone and the community, we hope for your active and voluntary cooperation. The Management Board reserves the right to ask non-compliant visitors to leave VinWonders Wave Park/VinWonders Water Park without refunding the ticket price or providing compensation for any damages.

VinWonders Wave Park & Water Park Management Board


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