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Bus to VinWonders Hoi An: Guide to convenient and affordable transportation

17/03/2023 1396 views

Looking for how to get to VinWonders Hoi An by bus? We’ve got all the detailed information you need for a convenient trip to this exciting amusement park, where you can also explore some of the most fascinating culture in Vietnam.

Experience the charm of Quang Nam at its best with VinWonders Nam Hoi An, an amusement park offering stunning landscapes, cultural richness, and exhilarating adventures. To save on expenses for a hassle-free journey, check out our schedule and transportation guide to the free Bus to VinWonders Nam Hoi An

1. Where is VinWonders Nam Hoi An located?

  • Address: Vo Chi Cong Street, Binh Minh Commune, Thang Binh District, Quang Nam Province

VinWonders Hoi An amusement park is situated on a land full of rich traditional and glorious history. It is a must-visit destination during your Da Nang – Hoi An trip, only 15 kilometers away from the center of Hoi An ancient town. At VinWonders Hoi An, you can experience a variety of impressive cultural, architectural, and recreational activities. 

VinWonders Hoi An offers a free shuttle bus that takes visitors from both Hoi An and Danang city directly to the park. With this free bus service, visitors can enjoy a stress-free journey to the park.

2. Bus to VinWonders Hoi An Schedule

The free Vinpearl shuttle bus is a convenient and cost-effective mode of transportation when traveling to VinWonders Nam Hoi An. To avoid missing the bus, make sure to take note of the nearest stop location and departure time:

xe bus đi Hội An

Free shuttle bus will make it easier for you to explore and enjoy your trip to VinWonders Nam Hoi An.

While you are in Da Nang, remember to take advantage of the free Vinpearl shuttle bus and explore the wonders of the city. Visitors should keep the schedule for the Da Nang – VinWonders Nam Hoi An route on hand:

xe bus đi VinWonders Nam Hội An

The schedule for Da Nang – VinWonders Nam Hoi An bus pick-up

*Note: Bus schedules are subject to change. For the most up-to-date and accurate schedule information, please contact 1900 6677 and press 5 for assistance.

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3. VinWonders Nam Hoi An Operation hours

  • Operating hours: 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM daily
  • Shows schedule:
    • “Sailing Home” Show: 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM (Mon – Fri), 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM | 6:15 PM – 6:45 PM (Sat & Sun)
    • 3D Mapping Show – The Legend of Great Viet: 6:45 PM – 7:00 PM daily
    • Musical Water Fountain Show: 7:30 PM – 7:50 PM daily
    • Then singing: 3:00 PM – 3:20 PM daily
    • Chau Van singing: 3:00 PM – 3:20 PM daily
    • Quan Ho singing: 2:30 PM – 2:50 PM daily
    • Echoes of the Mountains: 4:15 PM – 4:30 PM daily

This schedule allows visitors to experience all the unique activities, and helps you proactively plan your itinerary using the VinWonders Nam Hoi An bus.

There are numerous enjoyable and thrilling activities available in diverse areas of VinWonders Nam Hoi An for you to explore:

  • Harbor Corner: Experience the poetic atmosphere of Hoi An’s busy trading port and learn about its fascinating history of international integration.
  • The Island of Folk Culture: Immerse yourself in the crafts, customs, and traditions of the three regions of Vietnam while paying tribute to traditional values.
  • Water World: Get your adrenaline pumping with a range of colorful water slides and attractions, perfect for those seeking a thrilling adventure.
  • River Safari: Embark on a journey to discover the diverse flora and fauna along the riverbank and explore the rich ecosystem of the area.
  • Adventure Land: A must-visit for those looking for an unforgettable experience with thrilling rides that will leave you breathless.

Trải nghiệm các trò chơi mạo hiểm

Trải nghiệm các trò chơi thú vị tại công viên nước Nam Hội An

For an unforgettable journey of exploration and experiences filled with vibrant colors at the most renowned heritage site, be sure to save the valuable information provided in this article about the Bus to VinWonders Nam Hoi An schedule and pick-up locations. Don’t wait any longer, head to VinWonders Nam Hoi An and indulge in endless fun.

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