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Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market: Roam around a long-standing local market of Hanoi

05/11/2022 2279 views

Dong Xuan Market is a must-see destination in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Here, you can buy all the things you need and learn a lot about Vietnamese culture.

Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market Vietnam is a historic architectural work (Source: Collected)

Hanoi travel and tourism should be among your top concerns when you plan for a trip to Vietnam. Don’t forget to visit Dong Xuan Market to buy necessary things like food and souvenirs as well as learning a little bit more about the local culture and lifestyle. Read this article to get some top tips for shopping there.

1. About Dong Xuan Market Vietnam

  • Location & opening hours

Dong Xuan Market is located in the Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem District, which is ideal for sightseeing and shopping. The market borders Dong Xuan Street to the west, Hang Khoai Street to the north, Cau Dong Street to the south and Dong Xuan Market Alley to the east.

Like other markets in the city, Dong Xuan Market opens every day between 6 am and 6 pm. The food stalls in Dong Xuan Market Alley open overnight. Especially on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), the market opens till 10.30 pm.

  • History
Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi has witnessed many ups and downs of the capital (Source: Collected)

The market is one of the biggest markets in the city. It has existed for hundreds of years, together with many ups and downs of the capital.

According to historical documents, in 1804, the Nguyen Dynasty built a market on the southern bank of To Lich River to facilitate docking for boats here.

In 1889, when To lich River and the nearby Thai Cuc Lake underwent land reclamation, the French regime relocated all shops and food stalls nearby to a vacant area, which became today’s Dong Xuan Ward. In 1890, the French started to build Dong Xuan Market in a total area of 6,500 square metres. The building has a French architectural style with five sections in a triangle layout.

In 1990, the market was renovated. Two outermost sections on both sides were demolished. The three middle sections were kept and upgraded into a 3-storey building.

In 1994, a big fire destroyed most of the stores inside the market. Thus, the market was rebuilt in 1995 with an air ventilation system, fire hydrant system, and emergency exit staircase. With a total area of nearly 14,000 square metres with nearly 2,000 stores, Dong Xuan Market has become one of the biggest and most modern markets in Hanoi.

Dong Xuan Market

The relief “Hanoi in Winter 1946” reminds people of the fighting spirit of the people of Hanoi against French invaders (Source: Collected)

In 2005, a relief titled “Hanoi in Winter 1946” was installed right by the market to commemorate the soldiers and civilians who lost their lives in the battle to protect Hanoi from the French in winter 1946.

2. Things to know about the structure of Dong Xuan Market

The market has 3 storeys with five arched doors and windows on an area of 6,500 square metres. The first floor offers mostly clothes, glasses, shoes, suitcases, bags, and electrical equipment such as battery chargers, loud speakers, radios, etc. The second floor is the wholesale and retail area for clothes and fabric. Children’s stuff is sold on the third floor.

At the back of Dong Xuan Market Hanoi, there are stores selling pets like birds, dogs, cats, and fish. Going further to the north, you will find many food stores serving all day and night. You can feel a bustling atmosphere with lots of people selling and buying here.

Dong Xuan Market

Check Dong Xuan market map to save your time while shopping here (Source: Collected)

3. The best Dong Xuan Market guide for first timers

If you want to understand the culture and lifestyle of the locals in Hanoi, especially if you are a shopaholic, you should definitely visit this market. Follow Dong Xuan Market guide below to prepare for your visit:

3.1. How to get to Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi?

The market is located right in the Old Quarter, downtown Hanoi. There are many means of transport you can choose to get here:

  • By bus: You can take buses number 1, 3, 4, 8, 11, 14, 18, 22, 23, 31, 34, and 40, all of which all pass by the market
  • By bike: From Hoan Kiem Lake, go to Hang Dao Street; then head straight to Hang Ngang Street, Hang Duong Street, and Dong Xuan Street. Turn right at the junction of Cau Dong Street. Go for about 50 metres to reach the east gate of Dong Xuan Market.

You can park your bike at the parking lot there at the price of VND10,000/bike (around US$0.4)

  • By taxi/car: You can rent a car or take a taxi if you travel in a group of over 3 people. The route is the same as going by bike.
Dong Xuan Market

This destination is easy to reach if you read this Dong Xuan Market guide (Source: Collected)

3.2. What to buy in Dong Xuan Market?

Dong Xuan Market Hanoi is a wholesale market for traders from all over the Northern region. However, there are also retail stores for locals and visitors. You can take a look at Dong Xuan Market map as follows:

  • First floor: clothes, shoes, accessories, electrical equipment
  • Second floor: clothes and fabric
  • Third floor: stuff for children
  • Behind the market: pets & bonsai trees

In addition, you can also shop around at:

  • Dong Xuan Market Alley, which is at the back of the market, mainly sells food, and opens overnight
  • Dong Xuan Night Market, which opens on weekends, stretches from Hoan Kiem Lake to the end of Hang Duong Street
Dong Xuan Market

There are many things to buy at Dong Xuan Night Market (Source: Collected)

3.3. What to eat in Dong Xuan Market?

Coming to Dong Xuan Market, you should not miss out on Dong Xuan Market Alley. This alley is just 200 metres in length, yet it has dozens of stalls offering the best street food of Hanoi at reasonable prices, such as shrimp cake, vermicelli with grilled pork, vermicelli with eel, beef noodles, vermicelli with sea snails, porridge with pork ribs, sweet soup, etc.

Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market food will satisfy your taste buds (Source: Thanh Thuy)

4. The top tips for your shopping tour in Dong Xuan Market

  • Refrain from shopping too early in the morning, as some shop owners expect that the first person to come to their stalls will make a purchase to bring good luck to them for the rest of the day (and vice versa).
  • You should try bargaining while shopping, but don’t overdo it as you may receive unwanted reactions from the sellers.
  • Mind your belongings. You can’t be too careful in a market.
  • Choose the suitable means of transportation and bring a map to avoid getting lost in the Old Quarter.
Dong Xuan Market

Take the tips in this Dong Xuan Market guide to have a safe visit (Source: Collected)

In addition to Dong Xuan Market, there are many other tourist attractions in Hanoi that you should take your time to visit, such as the Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, King Le Monument, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, and VinKE & Vinpearl Aquarium Times City, especially if you travel with children.

At Vinpearl Aquarium, you will have the opportunity to explore the ocean world at one of the most modern aquarium systems in Vietnam. In a total area of ​​​​nearly 4,000 square meters, the aquarium is home to more than 30,000 sea creatures from around the world. Also, it offers many attractive performances to entertain visitors through a glass pane.

Meanwhile, at VinKE, your family will have a chance to have fun together and educate your children in the complex of 4,000 square metres. VinKE creates a “play and learn” space for them to experience their dream jobs, learn about their favorite fields, and become more confident with the world around them. It focuses on many job simulation games, such as Fire Department, Traffic Police, Fashion Star, Kid Chef, Auto Repair Workshop, etc.

Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market

Have fun at VinKE & Vinpearl Aquarium, which are not far from Dong Xuan Market


Book tickets of VinKE & Vinpearl Aquarium here


Hanoi has been a worth-visit capital of the S-shaped country, where the best traditional features of Vietnamese people gather. Some of them can be found at Dong Xuan Market, a popular shopping hub for Hanoi’s people and a tourist destination for visitors as well. Remember to note down the tips above before your visit to this bustling market.


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