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Marble Mountain

Marble Mountain: A natural masterpiece bestowed to Danang

27/02/2023 2463 views

Marble Mountain is the perfect choice for those who seek a worthwhile experience in both spiritual and visual sense. Read on, this article will provide you with a complete and detailed Marble Mountain guide.

Marble Mountain

Marble Mountain is a place of spiritually significance in Central Vietnam (Source: Collected)

There are many wonderful places of spirituality in Vietnam and a lot would agree that Marble Mountain is one of those. Formed by a group of six marble and limestone hills, this place attracts a large number of both local and international visitors. 

1. Where is Marble Mountain?

Marble Mountain

With a majestic look, and plenty of caves and cliffs, Marble Mountain Danang Vietnam enchants visitors at first glance (Source: Collected)

  • Location: 81 Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang

Although located 8 km away from the city center, Marble Mountain can be recognized from afar due to its tall and protruding features. The beautiful mountain is treasured by local people and they take great pride in it. 

1.1. The history of Marble Mountain in Vietnam

There were a lot of myths and assumptions about Marble Mountain’s history. According to topologists, the cluster was once limestone mountains lying under the East Sea. Due to displacement in the Earth’s surface, it was drawn into the land and raised above sea level, exposing its magnificent features.

Another folklore myth tells about the divine creation of this mountain: At the birth of Heaven and Earth, a giant sea turtle swam ashore to Danang and laid an egg there. The egg hatched and its shell was broken into 5 pieces that turned into 5 hills of Marble Mountain

1.2. The weather in Marble Mountain

Marble Mountain

The weather is nice and pleasant in Marble Mountain (Source: Collected)

Marble Mountain’s weather is pleasant and almost cool all year round, so you can plan your visit at any time without fearing the weather will spoil your fun. For the best experience, plan your trip in September or October, because at this time of year, it is less hot. 

1.3. How much is the entrance fee to Marble Mountain?

  • Opening hour: 7.00 a.m. – 5.30 p.m
  • Entrance Fee:
Entrance Fee
Destination Children (under 6 years old) Students Adult
Thuy Son Free VND 10,000/person VND 40,000/person
Am Phu Cave Free VND 7,000/person VND 20,000/person
Elevator to Thuy Son VND 30,000/ person VND 30,000/ person VND 30,000/ person
Vong Canh Hill VND 10,000 VND 10,000 VND 10,000


The ticket price to visit Marble Mountain is very cheap compared to other locations. For a more fulfilling Marble Mountain tour, you can hire a local tour guide to learn more about its history and structures, and it only costs 50,000 VND for a group tour.

2. How to get to Marble Mountain

Access to Marble Mountain Danang Vietnam is really easy and convenient. Tourists from other provinces can take a bus from their location to Danang and then catch a taxi or book a Grab bike to the mountain. 

For tourists residing in Hoi An ancient town, there are several ways to travel to Marble Mountain from Hoi An: 

  • Take a bus from Hoi An to Danang: ticket fare ranges from VND 20,000 to VND 30,000. 
  • Ride a motorcycle: Since Marble Mountain is only 20 kilometers away from Hoi An, many tourists opt to take a bike ride which takes around 40 minutes. If you don’t have a motorbike, you can hire one from the local hotels or travel agencies in Hoi An for a cheap price from VND 60,000 to 120,000 per day. 
  • Travel by car to Marble Mountain: This is a great option for group traveling as you and your friends can stock some fruits and snacks and take a rest along the way. Car rental is also available at the price of USD 14 to USD 17 per day.

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3. Explore the 6 majestic mountains of Marble Mountain Da Nang

Marble Mountain Vietnam is a group of six mountains, and each of them is named after the five elements: Thuy Son (Water Mountain), Moc Son (Wood Mountain), Kim Son (Metal Mountain), Duong Hoa Son (Yang Fire Mountain), Am Hoa Son (Yin Fire Mountain), and Tho Son (Earth Mountain). Get ready to enjoy the thrills of the Marble Mountain hike. 

3.1. Thuy Son – The biggest and most beautiful mountain

Marble Mountain

Water Mountain is considered the biggest and most beautiful mountain in the cluster of Marble Mountain (Source: Collected)

With a height of 107 meters and occupying an area of 7 hectares, Thuy Son or the Water Mountain is the biggest and also the most visited one in Marble Mountain. It is home to a lot of caves, pagodas, towers, and temples. You can explore some of the most famous Marble Mountain caves here, including Hoa Nghiem Cave, Huyen Khong Cave, and Linh Nham Cave.  

For tourists’ convenience, there are elevators to take them to the peak of Water Mountain within minutes. However, a lot of visitors still choose to walk as it is a great way to exercise while enjoying the picturesque view. If you are one of those, grab a Marble Mountain trail map and explore the mountain on your own.

3.2. Moc Son

Marble Mountain

Wood Mountain has a distinctive shape of a chicken’s comb (Source: @centralvietnamguide)

Moc Son (Wood Mountain) is situated in the Southeastern part of Marble Mountain. It appears as a quite treacherous place, with steep slopes and patchy vegetation. However, it still charms people with very distinctive features.

On the mountain, there is a big and stunning statue of a human-like figure made from marble. Some people call it the Lonely Woman, some others say it is Guanyin, a Buddhist deity associated with great compassion and benevolence.

3.3. Kim Son – the mountain located on the Co Co river

Marble Mountain

There is a big cave in Metal Mountain which has a magnificent beauty (Source: Collected)

Kim Son or Metal Mountain lies right next to the Co Co river where Vietnamese feudal emperors used to dock their imperial boats to visit Marble Mountain.

Hidden behind the seemingly nondescript surface is a big limestone cave that takes your breath away with sophisticated structures. It was discovered recently in 1950 and considered by most as one of the most fascinating among Marble Mountain caves. 

3.4. Duong Hoa Son 

Marble Mountain

Yang Fire Mountain is the taller one in the twin Fire Mountains (Source: Collected)

Duong Hoa Son or Yang Fire Mountain is located in the Southwestern part of Marble Mountain and it is shaped like a flame, thus explaining the name. The mountain has a twin, which is called Am Hoa Son (Yin Fire Mountain) standing right next to it and these two are connected by a short rocky path. On the foot of this mountain, you can go explore the ruins of the ancient Champa kingdom. 

3.5. Am Hoa Son

Marble Mountain

The way the Fire Mountains are named reflects the Yin-Yang philosophical concept in Asian cultures (Source: Collected)

Yin Fire Mountain is the smaller one in the pair of Fire Mountains. Although small in size, its natural beauty is no less than others. The mountain’s surface abounds with sharp, tilted rocks and green bushes, which adds a unique and pristine feeling to the site. Interestingly, there is a deep cave on the mountain’s Eastern side, which creates leads to Metal Mountain and Earth Mountain. 

3.6. Tho Son

Marble Mountain

Earth Mountain surprises tourists with its secret: a narrow and deep cave hidden behind its wall (Source: Collected)

Tho Son (Earth Mountain) is situated on the Northwestern side of Marble Mountain. It has steep cliffs and thin vegetation. There is a deep cave in its Eastern part, which is almost undetectable with a narrow entrance that only a person can fit in. This used to be a secret shelter and tunnel for Vietnamese soldiers to hide or exchange information during the two wars.

4. Other tourist spots to visit in your Marble Mountain tour

Besides the six mountains, you must include the following places in your itinerary when visiting Marble Mountain to have a deeper understanding of the culture and history here.

4.1. Tam Thai Pagoda

Marble Mountain

Immersed in the religious atmosphere of Tam Thai Pagoda, people find their minds at peace (Source: Collected)

As one of the oldest pagodas in Marble Mountain, Tam Thai Pagoda certainly captures tourists’ attention at first sight. According to historical records, the pagoda was built around the first half of the 17th century. People could immediately sense the sacredness and history of this place through the time-worn, mossy exterior.

4.2. Linh Ung Pagoda

Marble Mountain

Ling Ung Pagoda fascinates tourists with its spacious yards and beautiful sculptures (Source: Collected)

Linh Ung Pagoda stands serenely and quietly among the greenery on the East side of Water Mountain. Though built nearly 200 years ago, the pagoda’s structure is strong and its exterior is well-kept through time. Its architecture strongly reflects the typical East Asian architectural features with curving roofs adorned with dragon sculptures. Green roofs and white pillars also add to the beauty of this sacred site.

4.3. Am Phu Cave

Marble Mountain

Am Phu Cave offers an exotic experience in Marble Mountain (Source: Collected)

A tour around Am Phu Cave will definitely give you an unforgettable experience, that is if you are not faint-hearted. As one of the most popular places in Marble Mountain, this one is sure to give you a spine-chilling experience. 

Before entering the cave, tourists must cross a bridge called Yin Yang Bridge which is the symbol of the path connecting the living world and the world of the dead (Nai Ha Bridge) in Asian folklore.

There are two paths that lead to 2 different chambers representing “Heaven” and “Hell”. On the “Hell” side, the lighting is dim and weak, and the atmosphere is eerie and quiet, while the “Heaven” path will lead people to the outside with lots of greens and sunshine.

4.4. Huyen Khong Cave

Marble Mountain

Huyen Khong Cave is the most beautiful among all of Marble Mountain caves (Source: Collected)

In contrast to the mysterious and infernal vibes of Am Phu Cave, Huyen Khong Cave carries a sense of divination, serenity, and peace. There is a big hole in the ceiling that acts as a natural skylight to light up the entire place. There are plenty of Buddhist statues and altars in the cave, and the air is filled with the smell of aromatic incense, which adds more to its serenity. 

4.5. Non Nuoc Stone Village

Marble Mountain

People love to explore Non Nuoc Village and bring home a little sculpture as a souvenir (Source: Collected)

After finishing your Marble Mountain tour, you can pay a visit to Non Nuoc Stone Village, which is located at the foot of the mountain. It is a traditional craft village that builds stunning and sophisticated stone sculptures.

It was established over 300 years ago when a man named Huynh Ba Quat traveled to Marble Mountain and discovered the limestone material. He then decided to settle down in the village, work as a sculptor, and passed the skills of his craft down to his descendants. 

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Marble Mountain

Marble Mountain

Marble Mountain

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It is true to say that Marble Mountain is one of the treasures of Vietnam. With beautiful landscapes, magnificent caves, and pagodas, this place is ideal for anyone that wants to have peace of mind and unwind from the hustle and bustle of life. Moreover, you can gain more knowledge about the local culture and the influence of Buddhism in Vietnam. It is a genuinely refreshing and worthwhile experience!

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