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The Quintessence of Vietnam

The Quintessence of Vietnam: A special showcase of culture

09/04/2024 9110 views

The Quintessence of Vietnam, one of Vietnam’s most captivating shows, whisks audiences on a mesmerizing journey back in time to discover the core of Vietnamese culture.

The Quintessence of Vietnam

The Quintessence of Vietnam is an intriguing show to watch in Phu Quoc

During your trip to Phu Quoc, it would be a big waste if you miss out on the magic of The Quintessence of Vietnam, a captivating spectacle that brings the essence of Vietnamese culture to life. With cutting-edge technology and spellbinding performances, audiences are transported on a mesmerizing journey through the heart and soul of Vietnam’s rich traditions.

1. An overview of The Quintessence of Vietnam

The Quintessence of Vietnam is a daily cultural spectacle held within the “Quintessence of Vietnam” area, situated to the left of the entrance of Grand World Phu Quoc in Phu Quoc United Center. Since its debut, it has earned acclaim for its groundbreaking use of modern 3D technology, vividly portraying Vietnam’s historical and cultural heritage. The show features a sprawling 11,000-square-meter stage, over 300 talented dancers, a pool, and massive structures. It promises an unforgettable journey through Vietnam’s traditions.

The show involves innovative technology and mesmerizing performances

The show involves innovative technology and mesmerizing performances

2. The outstanding features of The Quintessence of Vietnam

2.1. The stage and the surroundings

The Quintessence of Vietnam show unfolds within a dynamic setting, divided into two distinct areas: the performance stage and the audience seating. The stage features a square-shaped performance floor, backed by the iconic curved-roof hall with a central pool inspired by the layout of the Temple of Literature in Hanoi. 

The audience is accommodated in several hundred seats facing the pavilion, which offers panoramic views of the surroundings. Surrounding the area are booths representing various Vietnamese traditional handicraft villages, with products such as weaving, pottery, traditional costumes, herbal medicine, street food, and more.

The stage of The Quintessence of Vietnam show

The stage of The Quintessence of Vietnam show

2.2. The content of the performances

The Quintessence of Vietnam in Phu Quoc presents a captivating narrative, featuring over 300 dancers in 12 stunning performances across four chapters.

  • Chapter I – The Origin: This chapter delves into the legend of the origin of Vietnam, revealing the journey of the ancient Au Lac people in establishing and expanding their territory.
  • Chapter II – The Life: The traditional Vietnamese culture is celebrated through depictions of bamboo craftsmanship, copper making, and culinary activities, offering a glimpse into the cherished customs of the past.
  • Chapter 3 – Learning Journey: This chapter proudly showcases the traditional thirst for knowledge and the academic pursuits of ancient Vietnamese people, highlighting their dedication to education.
  • Chapter 4 – National Festival: This chapter pays tribute to the ancient royal traditions and the unwavering patriotism of the Vietnamese people, honoring their heritage and sense of national pride. 
The Quintessence of Vietnam show vividly bring Vietnamese traditions to life

The Quintessence of Vietnam show vividly bring Vietnamese traditions to life

The show spans over 4,000 years of Vietnamese history. In a captivating 45-minute journey through time, the audience will be seemingly transported into the lives of the ancient Vietnamese people, experiencing the essence of their culture firsthand.

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3. Details on The Quintessence of Vietnam show time

The Quintessence of Vietnam show runs from 8:15 PM to 9:00 PM daily. During daytime hours, numerous mini shows unfold, offering visitors insights into different facets of Vietnam’s culture. The detailed timeline is as follows:

Activities Time
Gate Opening and Changing of The Guard Ceremony 9:40 AM – 9:55 AM
Familiar Taste of Home 10:20 AM – 10:35 AM
Nam Tran Offering Ceremony 10:35 AM – 10:50 AM
Vo Dung Duong 10:05 AM – 10:20 AM
Grand Opening 7:30 PM – 7:40 PM
Bridal Palanquin Procession 7:55 PM – 8:05 PM
Ancient Costume Parade 9:10 PM – 9:15 PM


A wide range of minishows take place during daytime

A wide range of minishows take place during daytime

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4. How much is the ticket fee of The Quintessence of Vietnam?

Below are the ticket prices for the shows within The Quintessence of Vietnam area of Grand World Phu Quoc: 

Show Guests between 100 – 140 cm tall Guests above 140 cm tall The elderly (above 60 years old)
Daytime minishows Free Free Free
The Quintessence of Vietnam 230,000 VND 300,000 VND 230,000 VND


Travelers are advised to purchase tickets for The Quintessence of Vietnam show through VinWonders’ official website to ensure reliability while also avoiding potential scams. Furthermore, VinWonders frequently updates the latest and hottest promotional offers, allowing travelers to secure the best-priced tickets.

*Note: Ticket prices may vary depending on the timing and applicable promotions.

The Quintessence of Vietnam

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5. What to note before enjoying The Quintessence of Vietnam?

For the best experience, keep these points in mind:

  • Elderly tourists (aged 60 and above) should bring ID cards when purchasing tickets.
  • Children under 100 cm tall are admitted free of charge.
  • Each ticket is valid for single use within the period specified on the ticket.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  • You should book tickets at least 7 days in advance on VinWonders’ official website to enjoy a 3% discount.
  • There are free shuttle buses from Phu Quoc International Airport to Grand World Phu Quoc.

The Quintessence of Vietnam beautifully intertwines centuries of heritage into a captivating spectacle. Through a seamless fusion of technology, artistry, and storytelling, the show offers an immersive experience that celebrates Vietnam’s identity and spirit. It leaves audiences inspired and awestruck by the richness of Vietnamese culture, creating a lasting impression for all who witness.

After exploring Grand World Phu Quoc, visitors can further enrich their experience with visits to nearby attractions like VinWonders Phu Quoc and Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

VinWonders Phu Quoc - the biggest theme park in Vietnam

VinWonders Phu Quoc – the biggest theme park in Vietnam

VinWonders Phu Quoc, the largest theme park in Vietnam features 12 unique themes inspired by global civilizations, fairy tales, and anecdotes. With various games, shows, and an aquarium, it offers unparalleled entertainment. Meanwhile, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s first semi-wildlife conservation park, sprawls across 380 hectares and is home to over 4,000 animals of 200 species. It provides a unique opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural habitat.

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