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Vietnam islands: 10 EPIC destinations for your sun-kissed trip in 2024

24/03/2023 502 views

Vietnam islands are havens for relaxation, praised for their tropical weather, breathtaking scenery, splendid beaches, and holiday vibe. An island-hopping trip around these incredible islands in Vietnam guarantees a flawless adventure that will help you drop your worries and get closer to nature.

Vietnam is the sought-after travel spot in Southeast Asia, featuring majestic attractions, superb cuisine, and charming cultural heritage. If you are looking for a nature-inspired adventure, the beautiful Vietnam islands are unmissable destinations for you. However, with thousands of islands in Vietnam, it can be challenging to decide which one to visit when planning your trip. Check out the 10 Vietnam best islands below for your fabulous vacation!

1. Vietnam – the paradise of tropical islands and stunning beaches

Vietnam boasts a spectacular coastline stretching over more than 3,260 kilometers, with nearly 3000 islands. Some of them have received international attention, such as Cu Lao Cham and Phu Quoc, while others are hidden gems with thriving wildlife and a peaceful atmosphere. These wonderful Vietnam islands have drawn holidaymakers to their shores for decades.

The white sand, turquoise water, and splendid background of palm trees create great spots for tourists to unwind after a hectic week. They can lie on the sand and enjoy the fresh air, or embark on a fantastic diving voyage beneath the sea. Moreover, the country’s tropical monsoon climate has two main seasons (dry and rainy) with no extremes, making it ideal for an island-hopping Vietnam travel journey.

Vietnam islands

The natural beauty and tropical climate are why tourists have been choosing Vietnam islands for a long-haul break (Source: Collected)

2. TOP 10 best Vietnam islands that will spark your wanderlust

2.1. Phu Quoc Pearl Island, Kien Giang – The largest island in Vietnam

Phu Quoc, known as the ‘Pearl Island’, is an island district of Kien Giang Province. Perching an area of 589 square kilometers, Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam and also in the Gulf of Thailand.

Phu Quoc is endowed with a pristine coastline and enticing natural landscapes. Kien Giang Biosphere Reserve, including Phu Quoc, was recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2006. Phu Quoc Airport is well-developed, serving up to 2.65 million passengers a year.

For these reasons, Phu Quoc has captivated millions of domestic and international visitors annually. Phu Quoc island was once listed in the top 3 most beautiful places to visit in winter by National Geographic and the top 10 beach destinations by Asiaone.

Vietnam islands

The glorious sunset in Phu Quoc – the biggest island in Vietnam (Source: Collected)

Phu Quoc island is home to world-renowned beaches, such as Starfish Beach (Sao Beach), Khem Beach, Ong Lang Beach, Long Beach, and many other magnificent beaches. This Vietnam island has no shortage of delicious seafood dishes for food fans, like flower crab, sea urchin, and herring salad. Phu Quoc island offers countless exciting activities, such as swimming, scuba diving, squid fishing, admiring romantic sunsets in Dinh Cau, visiting Ham Ninh fishing village to observe local fishermen’s daily life, or taking a ride through Phu Quoc National Park.

Vietnam islands

Bai Dai beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the north of Phu Quoc pearl island (Source: Collected)

Travelers also should not miss a visit to Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s largest wildlife conservation park, and VinWonders Phu Quoc, the biggest theme park in Vietnam.

Located on Bai Dai Beach, VinWonders Phu Quoc belongs to the top-rated entertainment complex Phu Quoc United Center. Visitors to this massive park can enjoy all of the awesome sights and adventurous activities, including numerous indoor and outdoor games, shopping streets, thrilling roller coasters, refreshing water slides, and the world’s largest turtle-shaped aquarium. VinWonders Phu Quoc is a fun-filled destination for people of all ages who hanker for a marvelous trip on this Vietnam island.

Vietnam islands

VinWonders Phu Quoc promises an action-packed journey on Phu Quoc Vietnam island

Vietnam islands

Get on the bus to see all kinds of wildlife at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

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2.2. Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang – A must-visit island in Vietnam

Hon Tre Island is the largest island in Nha Trang bay, spanning over ​​32.5 square kilometers. Located 5 kilometers east of Nha Trang’s city center, Hon Tre hosts a wide array of natural landscapes, notably flawless beaches with crystal-clear water, powdery sand stretches, and rustling palms. The island is a great place for diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Its marine biodiversity with colorful coral reefs offers amazing underwater sights beneath the calm sea.

Vietnam islands

Hon Tre Island in Vietnam is an all-inclusive getaway for travel enthusiasts to the coastal city of Nha Trang

Hon Tre island is praised as a tropical paradise of relaxation and entertainment in Vietnam with top-class establishments, including luxury resorts & hotels, amusement parks, golf courses, restaurants, spas, and many other tourism services. Visitors can easily reach the island from Nha Trang by a 15-minute-long cable ride while taking in the awe-inspiring view of the sea.

Vietnam islands

Admire the scenic panorama of Nha Trang Bay and Hon Tre Island from the largest Ferris wheel in Vietnam

A must-see attraction on Hon Tre Island is VinWonders Nha Trang, listed as the country’s most attractive amusement park by Vietnam Tourist Association. The park affords endless fascination and discovery, in which visitors can feel the thrill on fast-paced roller coasters, splash in Asia’s largest floating bay, view an outstanding collection of exotic plants and flowers, or slide along a 1,865-meter-long coaster surrounded by Hon Tre Island’s astonishing scenery. VinWonders Nha Trang is sure to pump your adrenaline levels and bring never-ending joy to your adventure around the islands in Vietnam.

Vietnam islands

Freshen up at the water park of VinWonders Nha Trang – the first and only freshwater park on the sea in Vietnam

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2.3. Cham Islands, Hoi An – The world-famous island in Vietnam

Cham Islands (or Cu Lao Cham) are a group of eight islands in the central province of Quang Nam, which has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve (Cu Lao Cham Marine Park). Cham Islands are a perfect destination for eco-tourists, who will be mesmerized by its green setting, gleaming golden beaches, shading coconut palms, dense forests, mountainous topography, and a diverse marine ecosystem. These Vietnam islands provide splendid diving and snorkeling spots for travelers with vibrant marine life below the waves. The biosphere reserve occupies 5,000 hectares with 3,000 specimens of coral reefs, underwater plants, and aquatic creatures, such as barracuda, scorpionfish, sea turtles, octopi, and nudibranchs.

Vietnam islands

Cu Lao Cham is one of the best islands in Vietnam for snorkeling (Source: Collected)

Moreover, Cu Lao Cham has a myriad of awesome sights to see, such as mountains, forests, fishing villages, ancient temples, and historical sites. Travelers passionate about the local culture can visit Bai Lang Village to learn more about the fishermen’s daily life, visit Hai Tang Temple for its peaceful and sacred atmosphere, or explore the natural caves at Bai Bac Village. Adrenaline-seekers can enjoy the wilderness at Bai Chong Beach, a 500-meter-long stretch of fine sand with shallow water, floating playgrounds, and fun water sports.

Cham Islands are easily accessible by canoes or boats from Cua Dai Port in Hoi An – the charming traditional city of Vietnam. For more intriguing discoveries in the city, make your way to VinWonders Nam Hoi An, bursting with dazzling cultural performances, elaborate architectural masterpieces, mind-blowing games, and a river safari amidst the city’s long-standing grace.

Vietnam islands

Indulge in a one-of-a-kind experience at the wildlife sanctuary of VinWonders Nam Hoi An

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2.4. Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai – The garlic island in Vietnam

Ly Son is a district of Quang Ngai province in Central Vietnam, consisting of 3 small islands: Cu Lao Re Island, An Binh Island and Mu Cu Island. Ly Son is the most populous island district among the 12 island districts in Vietnam, with an area of 10,390 square kilometers and a population of over 22,000 people. This Vietnam island amazes visitors with the harmonious combination of pristine beaches, turquoise waters, sparkling coral reefs, volcanic rocks, and green garlic fields, along with hospitable islanders. From the lighthouse on Mu Cu Islet, you can witness the majesty of the shimmering sunrise over the seaside cliffs and swaying palm trees.

Ly Son Island is also known as the kingdom of garlic, where the famous solo garlic is grown and exported throughout the world. Ly Son garlic is proven to help boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and prevent cancer. The white garlic with a pleasant aroma will definitely be a great gift from your Vietnam island vacation to your family and friends. Garlic salad and jellyfish salad are must-try delicacies on the island.

Vietnam islands

The picturesque coastal setting of Ly Son Island in Vietnam (Source: Collected)

2.5. Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong – A famous island in Vietnam for cruises

Cat Ba Archipelago has the most islands in Vietnam (367), among which Cat Ba Island is the largest. Covering more than 26,000 hectares of high biodiversity, Cat Ba is recognized by UNESCO as the third World Biosphere Reserve in Vietnam. Cat Ba Island is always among the top choices of nature lovers when visiting Hai Phong thanks to its seductive seascapes, mysterious caves, and marvelous limestone karsts.

Lan Ha Bay, just south of Cat Ba Island, is an ideal location for swimming and kayaking enthusiasts with golden sand beaches, calm water, and various islets and caves to explore. Cai Beo Fishing Village (also known as Vung O), about 2 kilometers away from the island, is one of the largest ancient fishing villages in the country. Here, more than 300 households make ends meet by fishing and aquaculture and live in floating houses. Visiting Cai Beo Village, tourists will have a chance to take in the dramatic backdrop of the Bay and enjoy the local specialties in floating restaurants.

Vietnam islands

Cat Ba is the archipelago with the most islands in Vietnam (Source: Collected)

2.6. Nam Du Islands, Kien Giang – An off-the-beaten-path island in Vietnam

Nam Du is a hidden tropical archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand and the south of Vietnam (along with Phu Quoc and Con Dao), consisting of over 20 islands, islets, and outcrops. Hon Lon Island, simply known as Nam Du Island, is the biggest island and the tourism center of the archipelago, where visitors can find Vietnam’s tallest lighthouse overlooking the vista of the island.

Nam Du Island gives a rare sense of peace and tranquility compared to the more well-known islands in Vietnam. This secluded island remains relatively untouched with surroundings of shore bungalows, mangroves, and laid-back villages, where you can spend some quality time away from the noise and hustle of modern city life.

There are no upscale resorts or steady WiFi on the island – so turn off your smartphone, sip a cool coconut juice by the palm-fringed shore of Bai Men Beach – Nam Du’s most beautiful beach – and enjoy the unobstructed view of the sea.

Vietnam islands

Nam Du is a best-kept secret among Vietnam islands (Source: Collected)

2.7. Diep Son Island, Khanh Hoa

Diep Son is an island cluster belonging to Van Phong Bay of Khanh Hoa province, near Nha Trang city. This serene island stands out for its sublime sights of winding green hills, smooth white sands, and crystal jade waters that offer countless photo-ops. A scenic highlight in Diep Son is the 800-meter-long walking trail connecting the 3 islets: Hon Bip, Hon Giua, and Hon Duoc. The trail offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience of walking across the islands.

Another appeal of this Vietnam island is Ngoc Trai Bridge, stretching 300 meters out into the sea. It is a dreamy spot to watch the sunset and take some Instagramable pictures. Travelers can also join the locals in fishing, camp overnight on the calm beaches, and try tasty seafood that is hard to find anywhere else.

Vietnam islands

Diep Son is an awe-striking island in Vietnam with a unique walking trail across the sea (Source: Collected)

2.8. Monkey Island Vietnam Nha Trang

Vietnam Monkey Island (also called Hon Lao Island) belongs to Nha Phu Bay, about 20 kilometers north of the coastal city of Nha Trang. Dubbed as the kingdom of monkeys, the island is home to more than 1,500 wild monkeys of different species, such as yellow feathers, red faces, and long tails. Monkey Island in Nha Trang allows tourists to observe the daily wildlife of the mischievous monkeys, interact with them, and attend their impressive performances at circus shows.

Tourists can spend a delightful day watching the animals, visiting the seafood market to try fresh seafood from the local fishermen, or soaking in the healing seawater at the beach. This Vietnam island also offers plenty of fun activities like ostrich riding, paintball shooting, scuba diving, and Prokat racing.

Vietnam islands

Explore the sanctuary of wild monkeys on Hon Lao Island in Vietnam Nha Trang (Source: Collected)

2.9. Vietnam Con Dao Island, Vung Tau – One of the world’s most mysterious islands

Situated 17 kilometers away from Vung Tau and 230 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, Con Dao archipelago contains 16 islands, of which Con Dao island is the biggest. This sought-after island seduces tourists with expansive jungle terrain, idyllic white-sand beaches, exotic fruits, and remarkable relics. The Lonely Planet travel magazine praised Con Dao as one of the 10 most charming islands in the world. Avid adventurers come to this Vietnam island to conquer its seductive sea with beautiful coral reefs, explore intriguing wildlife in Con Dao National Park, and have an eyeful of sensational seascapes on Thanh Gia Peak.

Con Dao is also known as a former colonial island in Vietnam. The archipelago was held by French colonists for almost 100 years from 1866. Historic sites bearing haunting memories of this dark period have been preserved and opened for public visits. Con Dao Museum is a good introduction to the island’s historic and turbulent past. Con Dao Prison, a Special National Relic, shows the barbaric punishments imposed upon Vietnamese revolutionaries during the Indochina War, allowing visitors to visualize the past colonial crimes on this Vietnam island.

Vietnam islands

Vietnam’s Con Dao Island was voted as the top 9 most mysterious islands on earth by the Travel and Leisure magazine (Source: Tam Linh)

2.10. Co To Island, Quang Ninh – One of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam

Co To Island is the biggest island in the archipelago of Co To island district, located in the east of Quang Ninh province. The island features a natural harmony of azure sea, green hills, clouds, and sunshine, which is perfect for those seeking an idyllic escape. Stunning beaches with clear sea water, fine golden sand, and calm waves, such as Van Chai Beach, Hong Van Beach, and Cau My Stone Beach, are some paradises for beachgoers.

In addition, poetic mountainous landscapes, dotted with lovely wooden houses, evergreen trees, rugged clifftops, and sublime coastlines, enrich Co To Island’s extraordinary charms. Built in the late 19th century, Co To Lighthouse is the highest spot for tourists to enjoy the eye-pleasing panorama of this Vietnam island.

Vietnam islands

The romantic rocky coastlines of Co To Island in Vietnam (Source: Collected)

Vietnam islands are great mixes of cultural and natural wonders that will leave you with a lot of memories. Island-hopping through these destinations in Vietnam will not only bring you to gorgeous beaches and inspiring scenery but also the opportunity to gain some insight into the local daily life and indulge in unparalleled experiences.

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