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Vietnam travel 2024: TOP places to explore nature, culture and cuisine

11/07/2022 1750 views

Vietnam travel is among the top choices of tourists around the world all year round. Each destination over three regions of Vietnam has its distinct feature that awaits you to explore one by one.

Vietnam travel, with a lot of impressive destinations from the North to the South, attracts many tourists to pay a visit in their vacations. Majestic mountains, wonderful beaches, bustling cities, charming rivers, mouthwatering foods, etc. are all of the things that you will explore in your trip. Details about them will be revealed right in this article!

1. About Vietnam travel 2024: What to know before hitting the road

A perfect trip always springs from good preparation. Do not ignore the useful information below to be well-planned for your nearing Vietnam travel:

1.1. The best time to travel to Vietnam

The best time to visit Vietnam depends on where you are going and the kind of vacation you wish to have because the weather in Vietnam varies greatly from the North to the South. Here are some weather highlights that you should know about to get ready for your Vietnam travel:

  • North Vietnam travel: There are 4 distinct seasons in the North of Vietnam including spring, summer, autumn, and winter. From May to October, the climate in Northern provinces like Hanoi is hot and humid with significant rainfall; while from November to April, the climate is colder and drier. In all seasons, you can go trekking and view mountains and caverns, go to the beach, or wander around.
  • Central Vietnam travel: Tropical wet climate is a typical feature of the Central of Vietnam. From January through August, this region experiences hot, dry weather with highs of up to 30 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, September, October, and November frequently have heavy rainfall. Before packing, you should look up the weather prediction to ensure a good trip.
  • South Vietnam travel: In the South of Vietnam, there are just two seasons: dry and rainy. From November to April, it is often dry and hot; from May to October, it becomes damp and hot. June through August is the period that you can see the most precipitation. Beaches are accessible all year round, as are floating markets during the dry season and fruit orchards during the wet season.
Vietnam travel

You can decide when to take Vietnam travel basing on where you want to go (Source: Collected)

1.2. The means of transportation to get around Vietnam

There are several affordable options available to you for moving around in your Vietnam travel:

  • By motorbike: The most popular mode of transportation in Vietnam’s cities and rural areas is the motorbike. People usually commute to work on motorbikes or use them for local transit. Travelers can hire a motorbike to independently explore attractive destinations in Vietnam.
  • By taxi: In Vietnam, taxis are the second most favored type of vehicle, particularly on sunny days. Currently, Grab is the most well-liked taxi brand in Vietnam. To use the service in your Vietnam travel, you simply download the app from the Appstore, then sign up and select a location for booking.
  • By train: Vietnam’s railway system is recognized as a safe mode of transportation because it satisfies international criteria for quality. Additionally, the railway runs the entire length of the nation with a focus on the Central Coast, allowing passengers to take in the country’s natural splendor from the train’s windows.
  • By bus: Local buses are convenient and affordable, making them a favorite means to travel in Vietnam. You can divide your entire journey into each separate Vietnam travel itinerary and take sleeping buses on each one.

1.3. The estimated Vietnam travel cost

The Vietnam travel cost depends on where you come from, where you visit and how long the trip is. Typically, a weeklong holiday to Vietnam costs around VND8,500,000 (US$ 363.8) per person. When a family of three or four takes a trip, the cost can frequently be reduced because children’s tickets are always less expensive and hotel rooms can be shared.

Vietnam travel

You should estimate the expense to not feel stuck in financial situation in your Vietnam travel (Source: Collected)

*Note: The price above is for reference only.

2. Where to explore nature in your Vietnam travel tours?

If you are a nature lover, put the following destinations on your bucket list right away! Also, note down some Vietnam travel tips to be well-prepared for your trip!

2.1. Phu Quoc – the pearl island located in Kien Giang Province

Phu Quoc is recognized as the largest island in Vietnam. It is known as the pearl island thanks to its unspoiled and untamed natural beauty. With its 150-kilometer coastline, numerous forest habitats and marine resources, Phu Quoc has emerged as one of Vietnam’s top beach vacation spots. Also, it is a fantastic location for those who are interested in learning about the history of Vietnam.

It is no coincidence that Phu Quoc is known as a tourist paradise for Vietnam travel. This island is famous for its beautiful and pristine beaches such as Starfish Beach, Long Beach, Ganh Dau, etc. and many attractive spots such as VinWonders Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc Night Market, Phu Quoc Pepper Garden, Phu Quoc Bee Farm, Phu Quoc Prison, etc.

Among them, VinWonders Phu Quoc stands out as an entertainment paradise that you should visit once. In an area of ​​​​46.7 hectares, it has 6 subdivisions which are inspired by the 12 civilizations in the world. The features of this place include captivating tales, unmatched adventures and exhilarating activities that will surely bring you lots of excitement.

Numerous local and international tourists are drawn to Phu Quoc by its tasty foods and unique flavor. Coming there in your Vietnam travel, you can have a chance to enjoy plenty of regional specialties, including mouthwatering seafood meals. To properly appreciate the flavor of the sea on Phu Quoc Island, you must savor seafood dishes such as herring salad, Ham Ninh steamed sentinel-crab, sea cucumber soup, etc.

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2.2. Quang Binh – the kingdom of caves of Vietnam

Located in the Central coastal region, Quang Binh is an interesting destination with pristine beaches, unique caves, majestic mountains and impressive rivers. Traveling to Quang Binh in your Vietnam travel, you will have a chance to discover the Phong Nha – Ke Bang Cave Complex – one of the world’s natural heritages. In addition, this place also has many other attractions such as Quang Phu Sand Dunes, Bau Tro Lake, Than Dinh Mountain, etc.

Vietnam travel

Quang Phu Sand Dunes is a hot place for tourists in their Vietnam travel to Quang Binh (Source: Collected)

Quang Binh also has a large number of attractive rustic specialties. Food from this province is renowned for its fresh ingredients with rich flavor. Paying a visit to Quang Binh, you should not miss out on enjoying some dishes like Quang Hoa pancakes, snakehead fish gruel, oyster soup, grilled chickens with cheo salt, etc.

Vietnam travel

Grilled chickens with cheo salt is a well-liked dish in Quang Binh (Source: Collected)

2.3. Ha Long – the paradise bay in Northern Vietnam

Situated in the Northeast of Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is a must-visit place in your Vietnam travel. The majority of the islands here are made of limestone and schist. This paradise bay is home to a rich biodiversity, including common eco-systems such as coral reefs, tropical forests, and mangrove forests. Additionally, by coming there, you can see thousands of different types of plants and animals, including squid, fish, and shrimp. There are also some exceptionally uncommon species.

Vietnam travel

Ha Long Bay is likened to a paradise thanks to its majestic natural landscape (Source: Collected)

A unique draw for tourists is Ha Long food, which combines fresh seafood with deft preparation methods. When coming to Ha Long in your Vietnam travel, you should not miss out on some renowned dishes like Gat Gu cakes, mantis shrimp vermicelli, grilled chopped squids, oysters, etc.

Vietnam travel

Mantis shrimp vermicelli is a popular dish in Ha Long (Source: Collected)

2.4. Sapa – where to lost in the mists in Vietnam

Sapa is located in the Northwest mountainous region of Vietnam. It is famous for its majestic mountains and poetic beauty. It attracts tourists with a wide range of winding terraced fields and mountains touching clouds like Fansipan Peak or Ham Rong Mountain. The romantic beauty of ethnic villages namely Cau May, Cat Cat, Ta Phin, etc. and the unique cultural features of the Northwestern people here are also the highlights of your Vietnam travel to Sapa.

Vietnam travel

The breathtaking mountainous beauty of Sapa impresses any tourist (Source: Collected)

Besides, Sapa has many delicious specialties such as seven-colored steamed sticky rice, bamboo sticky rice, Thang Co (horse meat soup), dried buffalo meat, etc. Along with enjoying foods, remember to nibble some kinds of local wine like docynia Indica wine, Shan Lung wine, Bac Ha corn wine, etc.

2.5. Ninh Binh – the ancient capital of Vietnam

Ninh Binh is a popular vacation spot in the North of Vietnam travel. Thanks to its impressive limestone karsts, astounding temples and pagodas, and amazingly large rice paddies, Ninh Binh is alluring to both domestic and international tourists. Referring to Ninh Binh, many tourists will immediately think of the scenic complex of Trang An, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Mua Cave, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Am Tien Cave, etc.

Vietnam travel

There are a lot of stunning natural attractions in Ninh Binh (Source: Collected)

In addition to the beautiful scenery, the land of Ninh Binh also attracts people from all over the world with delicious specialties. Some must-try dishes in this destination are burnt rice, mountainous edible snails, raw goat meat with lemon, eel vermicelli, sticky rice with ant’s eggs, etc.

3. Vietnam travel guide: Indulge in tasty foods in some famous destinations

A food tour around some famous cities in your Vietnam travel will not let you down with an abundance of unique and tasty dishes. Explore these places now!

3.1. Nha Trang – the beautiful coastal city in the Central

Nha Trang, which is situated at the intersection of the South Central Coast and the Central Highlands, has the ideal geographic setting, climate, and natural scenery to develop into one of Vietnam’s premier tourist destinations. The system of big and tiny islands that Nha Trang is home to is also incredibly diverse, together with many breathtaking shoreline and underwater scenery elements.

The picturesque beauty of  Nha Trang leaves an indelible impression in the heart of any visitor. Coming to this beautiful coastal city, you should take time to admire the beautiful natural landscape of Van Phong Bay, Ninh Van Bay, Diep Son Island, Long Beach, Doc Let Beach, etc. Besides, exploring the architecture of Ponagar Tower, Institute of Oceanography or Nha Trang Cathedral is also worth a try in your Vietnam travel.

Especially, for those who want to try something adventurous, VinWonders Nha Trang is an ideal place. Its 50-hectare area and 6 magnificent subdivisions promise to leave millions of visitors of all ages and nationalities with priceless memories thanks to hundreds of thrilling amusement activities. Certainly, it will be an excellent destination to let your hair down and capture a lot of memorable moments in your Vietnam travel.

Your journey to Nha Trang will not be complete without sampling the delectable and well-known specialities. Thanks to the wide variety of seafood available, the locals prepare plenty of delectable dishes to serve tourists. When visiting Nha Trang, you should at least taste the deep-fried herring salad, jellyfish noodles, squid pancakes, grilled chopped fish, grilled pork rolls, etc.

Vietnam travel

Jellyfish noodles is a sea delicacy of Nha Trang that any tourist should try (Source: Collected)

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3.2. Da Nang – the most livable city in Vietnam

In the Vietnam travel to explore the Central, you cannot ignore Da Nang – a coastal city in South Central Vietnam. It is well renowned for its expansive and lengthy coastlines. It serves as a connection point between two famous tourist destinations – Hue City and Hoi An Ancient Town.

This is the city of many beautiful bridges such as Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Love Bridge; wild and poetic beaches such as My Khe beach, Non Nuoc Beach, Xuan Thieu Beach, etc. and many other beautiful landscapes such as Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, Son Tra Peninsula, Ghenh Bang, etc.

As the most livable city in Vietnam, Da Nang and its cuisine make many tourists eager to explore. Traveling to this city, you can have a chance to enjoy so many delicacies such as Quang noodles, sliced pork rolled with rice paper, pancake, vermicelli salad with pork and anchovy sauce, grilled fish cake noodle, duck porridge, etc.

3.3. Saigon – the pearl of the Far East

Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City, is considered as one of the most dynamic and bustling cities in Vietnam. Coming to Saigon, visitors can not only admire the bustling and crowded streets, but also visit many outstanding attractions of the city such as Nha Rong Wharf, Ben Thanh Market, Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, Art Museum, Landmark 81, etc.

Vietnam travel

Art Museum in Saigon provides a great background to take photos in your Vietnam travel (Source: Collected)

In addition to these attractions, the unique cuisine of Saigon is also the prominent point of your trip to this city. If you ask what to eat in Saigon in the Vietnam travel, locals here will introduce you to a variety of dishes such as steamed broken rice, grilled snails, Banh Mi, fresh spring rolls, rice noodles, beef noodles, etc.

3.4. Can Tho – the capital city of the Mekong Delta

Can Tho is one of the leading attractive destinations in the Southwest region. Charming river scenery, unique cuisine and friendly and hospitable people make Can Tho an unmissable destination for tourists in the Vietnam travel. Some famous tourist attractions in Can Tho that you should visit once are Cai Rang Floating Market, Ninh Kieu Wharf, Binh Thuy Ancient House, Bang Lang Stork Garden, etc.

Along with that, there are many delicious dishes with rich river flavors that you should try at least once. Some of them are grilled spring rolls, Cong cakes, duck hot pot, grilled snakehead fish, dried shrimp vermicelli, Sa Dec dry noodle soup, fried rice with braised fish sauce, etc.

Vietnam travel

Grilled snakehead fish is worth a taste (Source: Collected)

4. Vietnam travel highlights: The top tourist attractions to learn about culture

To know more about diverse culture of Vietnam, plan a trip in your upcoming holiday with the guide to Vietnam travel below:

4.1. Hoi An – the ancient town in the Central

Hoi An is one of the top destinations of Vietnam travel with many beautiful landscapes. Traveling to Hoi An, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the unique architectural heritage dating back hundreds of years such as ancient houses, museums, temples, etc. Hoi An is also the convergence of many wonderful attractions such as Cu Lao Cham, Cua Dai Beach, My Son Sanctuary, Tra Que Vegetable Village, etc.

Vietnam travel

Hoi An is an indispensable destination in your Vietnam travel (Source: Collected)

Standing out as an entertainment area for all tourists, VinWonders Nam Hoi An is a not-to-be-missed destination in your trip to Hoi An. The park was constructed on a very big scale – up to 50 hectares, with 5 significant subdivisions. You can notice the splendor, modernism, and beauty of this place as soon as you arrive.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, the cuisine in Hoi An also makes many people interested in. Tourists are always fascinated with delicious dishes such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, wonton, white rose dumplings, chicken rice, etc. These foods will surely satisfy your taste buds in your Vietnam travel to Hoi An with your beloved.

Vietnam travel

Cao Lau is a signature dish of Hoi An Ancient Town (Source: Collected)

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4.2. Ha Giang – the home to 19 ethnic groups

Ha Giang attracts tourists with its wild, idyllic and peaceful natural beauty. Some famous tourist attractions that you must visit when coming to Ha Giang are Hoang Su Phi, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Dong Van and Pho Bang Rock Plateau, Lung Cu Flagpole, Lung Khuy Cave, Sam Pun Border Gate, Noong Lake, Sung La Valley, Dong Van Old Town, etc.

Along with the beautiful scenery are many dishes with attractive mountain flavors such as Au Tau porridge, bamboo sticky rice, armpit pork, grilled moss, egg rolls, La Chi rat meat, etc. In your Vietnam travel to Ha Giang, remember to try at least one of them! These flavors will undoubtedly be unforgettable.

4.3. Hue – where to find tangible and intangible cultural values

Hue has a quiet and romantic beauty with many cultural and historical values. Coming there in your Vietnam travel, you will admire the unique architectural works of the mausoleum, Hue Citadel; visit famous tourist sites such as Trang Tien Bridge, Ngu Binh Mountain, Vong Canh Hill, etc.

In particular, do not miss the opportunity to sit on a boat to stroll along the Perfume River, enjoy tea, and listen to Hue royal music. In addition, you should enjoy many unique delicacies from royal cuisine and Hue folk cuisine such as tea, banh bot loc, beef vermicelli, mussel rice, etc.

4.4. Hanoi – the places with an old quarter of 36 iconic streets

Hanoi, the capital of thousands of years of civilization, is one of the places that any tourist would like to visit once in a lifetime in the Vietnam travel. Traveling to the capital, visitors will have a chance to visit famous attractions such as Ba Dinh Square, Temple of Literature, Tran Quoc Pagoda, etc; or admire the beautiful scenery of West Lake, Sword Lake, the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, etc.

Like any destination in Vietnam, Hanoi also offers a variety of authentic foods for tourists to enjoy. Some unique delicacies that must be mentioned in the top list of foods are La Vong village nuggets, grilled pork with noodles, Pho, crab spring rolls, steamed rice rolls, etc.

Vietnam has a lot to offer visitors all year long, whether they want to explore amazing natural mountains and caverns or relax on warm, sandy beaches. Along with its breathtaking natural scenery, Vietnam will provide you with unforgettable experiences thanks to its fantastic cuisine and friendly people. Hopefully, the Vietnam travel guide in this article will be useful for your journey to set foot on many great lands in the S-shaped country.

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