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Book the “WORLD CROSSROAD DISCOVERY TOUR” now – Amazing deal at Grand World Phu Quoc, from only ~8 USD

09/04/2024 Booking Period: 15/03 - 31/12/2024

Let Grand World Phu Quoc introduce you to the “crossroad” connecting space, time, and Asian-European culture through a completely new and vibrant experience journey designed specifically through 4 stops: Discover “The Quintessence of Vietnam”, Cross-continental journey, Taste of five continents, and Grand World by night.

1. Purchase tickets for the World Crossroad Discovery Tour on our official website:


>>> Here’s a brief overview of the 4 stops along the World Crossroad Discovery Tour:

  • The Quintessence of Vietnam (16:00 – 16:45): Experience the essence of Vietnam through ancient architecture, traditional afternoon tea, and the captivating show “Heritage Connection”
  • Cross-continental journey (16:45 – 17:30): Traverse the globe in electric green cars & visit Vietnam’s largest Teddy Bear Museum.
  • Taste of five continents (17:30 – 19:30): Indulge in the flavors of Vietnam at Vietnam One Stop, savor fresh seafood from Phu Quoc at the Grand World Night Market, and enjoy a mouthwatering BBQ buffet at the culinary street.
  • Grand World by night (19:30 – 22:15): Witness the grand spectacle of “The Quintessence of Vietnam” (enjoy 30% discount), explore the “Ancient Royal Citadel”, and marvel at the Venice-inspired water show.



Standard World Crossroad Tour Standard tour with 4 stops as listed above 200.000 140.000
Tour with add-on afternoon tea Add-on afternoon tea (16:00 – 16:45) within The Quintessence of Vietnam area 300.000 210.000
Tour with add-on dinner buffet Add-on dinner buffet at 3 Mien Restaurant (17:00 – 21:00) 420.000 294.000
Full-package tour  Add-on afternoon tea & dinner buffet 520.000 364.000
  • Book online, skip the line
  • Tickets sent via SMS/ WhatsApp/ Email
  • Please check the quantity/ type of tickets before completing payment


2. Detailed itinerary for the World Crossroad Discovery Tour:

Stop 1: Discover “The Quintessence of Vietnam” (16:00 – 16:45)

This is an unmissable spot for history enthusiasts and those passionate about exploring Vietnamese culture. Starting the journey from 16:00 at the Grand World entrance gate, visitors will admire the “Bamboo Legend” – the largest bamboo structure in Vietnam, which won the Architecture MasterPrize award in the Hospitality Architecture category in 2023.

Những góc check-in siêu lung linh tại Huyền thoại Tre

Adjacent to it is the “Urban Contemporary Park,” where unique artworks are hidden amidst Phu Quoc’s landscape

Grand World Phu Quoc

The journey to explore “The Quintessence of Vietnam” officially begins with a series of experiences simulating the lives of ancient Vietnamese people, immerse in the lively atmosphere at the “The Quintessence of Vietnam” area during the day. Stepping through the gate, visitors seem to be “transported” back to the ancient capital with details: tiled roofs, bamboo fences, temple courtyards, guards… vividly depicted, along with mini shows like water puppetry, ceremonial processions, Imperial City rituals…

Your exploration will be even more complete with the afternoon tea package, where guests can leisurely enjoy traditional teas and savor various types of traditional cakes.


Stop 2: Cross-continental journey (16:45 – 17:30)

The dream of traveling “around the world” of tourists will come true here! Riding on the green electric car, visitors will travel through the dreamy Italian countryside at Venice Phu Quoc – the romantic city of Italy simulated at Grand World. Impressive destinations with colorful streets, emerald canals, and a series of outstanding shows…

Khám phá “Venice thu nhỏ” ngay tại Việt Nam

After exploring Venice Phu Quoc, tourists will visit the largest Teddy Bear Museum in Vietnam. This is a special destination for you to experience the journey of exploring new lands with Teddy, return to childhood, and check-in with thousands of incredibly cool virtual living photos.

Nhà gấu Teddy Bear có hình dáng tựa chiếc bánh donut khổng lồ với 1001+ góc check in chất lừ


Stop 3: Taste of five continents (17:30 – 19:30)

Especially loved by food enthusiasts, the 3rd station of the “World Crossroad Discovery Tour” opens the door to experience a myriad of Vietnamese flavors at Vietnam One Stop, fresh seafood from Phu Quoc at the Grand World Night Market, fragrant grilled buffet at 3 Mien (translation: 3-region) culinary street, or BBQ grilled meat street in Indochine.


Stop 4: Grand World by night (19:30 – 22:15)

The fun continues! Grand World by night opens the door to explore the festive atmosphere of the ancient capital night market at Ancient Royal Citadel and the magnificent live show “The Quintessence of Vietnam”.

Tinh Hoa Việt Nam 2

Special offer for tourists who have purchased the “World Crossroad Discovery Tour” is a 30% discount on the big show ticket “The Quintessence of Vietnam”, along with a complimentary experience at Ancient Royal Citadel Night Market.

To conclude the journey of exploring the “World Crossroad”, don’t miss the top-notch water show “The Colors of Venice” that will immerse tourists in a love story of the century between a talented painter and a beautiful young lady with various emotional nuances.

>> Book your ticket to explore the “World Crossroad Discovery Tour” now!!

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