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Vinpearl Harbour


    Operating hours: 08:00-24:00 everyday

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*Height from 140cm

*Height from 100cm-140cm

*From 60 years old



SHOPPING HARBOUR: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Relaxed and effortless travel: Miniso, Minigood, Toragon, and MyKingdom

Chic style with top-notch brands: Beverly Hill & Polo, Louis Castel, Dubai Fashion, The Milan, and Lug.vn

Local specialties for gifts: Tien Du Swiftlet’s Nest, Dang Gia Agarwood, An Nhien Fine Arts, Kiss Souvenirs Nha Trang, and Lang Farm

Harbour Market – A world-class thoughtfully designed gathering of Nha Trang and regional specialties from across Vietnam

Harbour Night Market with nearly 50 street food kiosks


CULINARY HARBOUR: Flavorful Delights - Chill Drinks to the Fullest

Embark on a culinary journey across 5 continents: Kohaku Ramen, Xinyi and Sichuan, Fusion House, The Bread Box…

Savor local delicacies: Hang Yen Restaurant,  Hong Ngoc Beef, Lúa Restaurant…

Experience the flavors of 3 regions: Ha Noi Grill Pork Noodle, Nam Đinh Noodle, Hoi An Chicken Rice, Sao Bien Restaurant

Indulge in coffee while listening to the sea’s melody: Mama Moon, Trung Nguyen Lengend Cafe…

Start your story with European-style coffee: Coffee Tooru, U – Tea, Deli Juice, Virota Cafe

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NIGHTLIFE HABOUR: A Sleepless Destination - Explore to Your Heart's Content

Dive into the kaleidoscope of EDM: Wonder Club – where vibrant nights come alive with top DJs from Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, and more.

Discover the Korea-inspired bar style with trendy music at Li’a – Cuisine & Mixology Bar.

Experience the professional, premium, and impressive shisha bar model at The S Hookahs, and NASA LOUNGE.

Indulge in the sophisticated, rich flavors of authentic imported wines at TPT Wine House.

Unmissable Events

Stuntshow - Rise of Ocean Princess

Grand Opening on April 26, 2024
A multimillion-dollar StuntShow on the world’s first ocean stage - Rise of the Mermaid features 6 performances and 2 giant sea projection screens, advised by Renaissance (USA). Opening on April 26, 2024, this promises to be the most explosive event of 2024.
  • Cabaret Show
  • Monte Carlo Costume Ball
  • Lost in Tata Fairyland
  • Mascot Welcome
  • Street Circus

Cabaret Show

16:30 - 17:30 daily from February 10, 2024
European Avenue
6 performances based on the French musical concept create a lively and endless festive atmosphere.

Monte Carlo Costume Ball

15:00 - 16:30
European Avenue
Encounter over 20 characters transformed into Monte Carlo royalty, strolling and dancing in the beautiful twilight of Vinpearl Harbour commercial town. Strike a pose for photos with the noble characters, update your social media page with these fantastic moments, and receive special gifts - royal-themed masks!

Lost in Tata Fairyland

16:00 - 17:00
European Avenue
Embark on a journey into Tata Fairyland to meet characters like Tata, Ocean Prince, Dark Queen, and Dark Lord, right in the town.

Mascot Welcome

8:30 - 10:00
European Avenue
Enjoy a lively show with performers dressed as mascots from Tata Show to warmly welcome visitors to Vinpearl Harbour.

Street Circus

16:30 - 17:00
Mediterranean Zone
Enjoy a lively show with performers dressed as mascots from Tata Show to warmly welcome visitors to Vinpearl Harbour.


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Pride in laying the very first cornerstone of Vietnamese tourism

Sea-crossing Cable Car

cap treo nha trang

This world-class, cutting-edge adventure covering 2642.8m at an average height of 54m provides an immersive 360-degree panoramic spectacle.
The outbound route reveals a unique, dazzling panorama of Vinpearl Harbour amidst the sparkling splendor of the world's top 29 most beautiful bay.
The return journey unfolds the illuminated beauty of the coastal city against the skyline, creating moments of awe and unforgettable relaxation.
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A center for specialties and trade - an indoor market, that blends Vietnamese trade culture with top-tier service standards

Harbour Market


A shopping model that is both friendly and familiar to local visitors, yet new and unique to international ones, featuring 200 stalls with a wide array of products, from street food and local specialties (OCOP) to dried goods and handmade crafts.
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Vietnam’s first-ever and largest Korean-standard Jimjibang healthcare complex Grand Opening on April 26, 2024


aqua field nha trang

With a capacity of up to 1,500 guests, Aquafield delivers a holistic healthcare experience through steam therapy. Enjoy an 8-step journey in various Jimjilbang rooms, ranging from warm to hot, cool, and extremely cold, carefully and seamlessly designed for body purification, detoxification, blood circulation regulation, and health restoration. Particularly suitable for early check-in and late check-out tours.


L1-K2 Harbour Market

La Viet Coffee

9h00 - 22h00
E-08, Vinpearl Harbour

Mama Moon

9h00 - 22h00
tram huong van ninh
L1-K131 Harbour Market

ATC - Khanh Hoa's Agarwood

10h00 - 22h00
B-01, Vinpearl Harbour

Kasan Supermartket

9h00 - 22h00
Tìm vé
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