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Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market: Take a tour to one of the BUSIEST markets in Hue

01/03/2023 867 views

Strolling through Dong Ba market is an unforgettable experience, whether you are in a shopaholic mode or simply want to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this ancient town.

Dong Ba market Hue has long been known as the city’s iconic and oldest market. More than 130 years old, this must-visit attraction is not simply a local market but a witness for this place’s rich culture and history. Do not miss the chance to get involved in the authentic flavors and charm of Dong Ba market on your visit to Hue.

1. Where is Dong Ba Market? How to get there?

Dong Ba market is located at 2 Tran Hung Dao street, Phu Hoa ward, Hue city, between Truong Tien bridge and Gia Hoi bridge. This place is conveniently located just 1.3km away from Hue center, making it easily accessible for visitors to explore.

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba market Hue Vietnam (Source: Collected)

In Hue, Dong Ba is a well-known market, visitors may simply make their way to this place by asking locals. Walking, renting a motorcycle or taking a bus are simple transportation options for those staying nearby, but taxis are also available. 

  • Buses: Dong Ba bus stop station is only 210m or a 3-minute walk away from Dong Ba bazaar. 
  • Cars/ Motorcycles: Guests may also park their vehicles at Dong Ba market’s entrance for 5,000 VND per motorcycle or 30,000 VND per car. 
  • Taxis: This means of transportation is suitable for a group of visitors, but they are more costly and inactive than mentioned. The price for one-way excursion ranges from 200,000 VND to 500,000 VND.

Regular operating time is from 3 am to 8.30 pm. Particularly for public holidays, Tet or special events, there will be an adjustment in the Dong Ba market opening hours.

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba market is located right next to the Huong river. This is a hot check-in place for many young people (Source: Collected)

2. Explore the structure of Dong Ba Market Hue

Dong Ba market is a busy three-floor building with each floor size of up to 15,000 m2. It is formed like a giant bell surrounded by U-shaped rows of houses. Items on this marketplace are organized into separate areas for easy searching. Rather than beginning on the third floor and shopping your way down as usual, it is preferable to start from the first floor and shop your way up in order to have an efficient shopping experience.

2.1. The first floor

Dong Ba Market

Fish sauce dishes have made the brand name of Hue cuisine (Source: Collected)

The first floor is the domain of dried seafood. Here you will find a vast selection of Hue’s culinary specialties, including Co Ri fish sauce, fermented fish sauce, locally-sourced dishes, and a variety of unique dried foods. The food is mainly processed according to the Central region’s strong flavors. There is no shortage of knowledgeable sellers happy to offer advice and even let visitors sample their wares. For those who have a passion for food in the Central region of Vietnam, do not miss out on this floor. 

2.2. The second floor

Dong Ba Market

Handicrafts on the second floor (Source: Collected)

Visitors will be astounded by various selections of handicrafts available in diverse fabrics, hues, and patterns on the second floor. The Vietnamese conical hat, an indispensable accessory to wear with the Ao Dai, is the most well-known item made in Hue market. The price for one hat ranges between 150,000 and 200,000 VND. The second floor of Dong Ba market also offers other well-liked goods, such as blue-steel scissors from Hien Luong forging village, sophisticated pieces of jewelry from Ke Mon village, ceramic products from Phuoc Tich village, bamboo products from Da Le village, etc.

2.3. The third floor

Dong Ba Market

The third floor is full of colorful fabrics (Source: Collected)

It may sound strange, but the best starting point for a journey in Dong Ba market is actually the third floor. You will definitely get lost in an exhibition of colorful fabric and clothing stalls. The special thing about this floor is that it is heaven for Ao Dai lovers because there are countless shops selling unique Ao Dai inspired by the distinctive style of Hue here. If you are seeking meaningful gifts for grandmothers and mothers, this 3rd-floor area is not a bad suggestion.

3. Things to do on your trip to Hue Dong Ba Market

3.1. Go shopping with various selections

When it comes to souvenirs for your beloved, find the way to Dong Ba market. In this marketplace, you can choose from many categories such as sesame candy, royal tea, conical hats, some porcelain items that reflect the Hue people’s life and landscapes, fabrics, a few keychains, etc. Whatever the gift is, the most important thing is still your heart. As long as you choose to buy it yourself, your loved one will surely love it. Moreover, shopping at Dong Ba market is also the best way to dive into the life of local people – how people bargain, what they consume every day, and what is trendy at the moment.  

3.2. Enjoy delectable local foods

When asking locals where to buy the best food in Hue, every single person will point to Dong Ba market. When sunset comes, step out of the bell-shaped building and the first thing striking visitors’ eyes is the numerous array of street food vendors. There are many attractive Hue special foods to mention, such as turmeric vermicelli, Sia rice paper, Kim Long barbecue vermicelli, Nam Pho thick noodles, Khoai pancake, shrimp leaf cake, Nam cake, wet cake, condensed bean soup, mixed tea, roasted meat porridge, etc.

Dong Ba Market

Bun Bo Hue has a strong flavor of sweet broth (Source: Collected)

A trip to Hue would not be complete without savoring Dong Ba market bun bo Hue. For foreign tourists, this dish can be described as Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup in Hue style, which is a signature of this ancient capital. You can easily find this delicious noodle soup in almost every corner of Dong Ba market Hue. Despite its reputation, the price per bowl ranges from only 15,000 to 20,000 VND. 

4. When is the best time to visit Dong Ba Market Hue Vietnam?

There are several reasons why people should start their exploration in the market of Dong Ba at around 3 pm:

  • Summer in Hue is usually very hot. Therefore, the morning is a suitable time for visitors to go to tourist destinations such as Hue mausoleums and temples and save Dong Ba market for the afternoon. 
Dong Ba Market

It is recommended to go to Dong Ba market in the afternoon for easy bargaining (Source: Collected)

  • Retailers in Hue follow the same unwritten norm which abstains from bargaining in the early morning without buying. The reason behind it is to avoid a poor sales day. People should go to the market in the afternoon after someone has already made the first purchase of the day so they can freely bargain the price.
  • In addition, although the stalls are open from early to late afternoon, the famous food stalls are mostly sold at a certain time which is from 3 pm. 

Visitors to Hue in Vietnam might consider making stops in Da Nang and Hoi An to get the whole travel experience. Da Nang has breathtaking beaches, bridges, and outdoor activities. The Dragon Bridge, the Da Nang Cathedral’s architecture, Nam O Fish Sauce Village, Linh Ung Pagoda, My Khe Beach, and Cham Museum are all sights that must be observed while in Da Nang.

Hoi An, meanwhile, has long been renowned for its historic buildings and lantern-lit passageways. Make your way to the nearby Hoi An Ancient Town after exploring Da Nang. The Japanese Bridge, An Bang Beach, and the Cantonese Assembly Hall are just a few of the local attractions.

While in Hoi An, VinWonders Nam Hoi An is a well-reputed amusement park with thrilling activities that can not be missed. It is broken down into five portions that will provide you with a range of exhilarating experiences.

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  • Water World: This is a water paradise with slides, pools, and 11 fun activities for kids, families, and friends to cool down in the summer.
  • Harbor Corner: One may immerse themselves in a setting of contrasting colors, with cultural aspects of the past and present, from the East to the West, at Harbor Corner, a location where all cultures converge.
  • River Safari: The first and largest river safari in Vietnam, it is home to 550 meticulously nurtured and conserved creatures of over 50 different kinds.

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market

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A visit to Dong Ba market in Hue is a must-do for anyone traveling to this historic city. As the oldest market in the area with over 130 years of history, it offers visitors a unique insight into the culture and traditions of the region. With its three floors packed with local goods, including colorful fabrics, handmade crafts, and delicious local cuisine, there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy. 


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