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Phu Quoc Island 2024: Note the essential info for your upcoming trip

24/03/2023 4330 views

Phu Quoc Island is considered a resort paradise not to be missed by both local and foreign tourists. If you want to immerse yourself in nature to take a deep breath of relaxation, this is the place to go.

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Vietnam is a destination loved by both domestic and international travelers (Source: Collected)

Phu Quoc Island is a beautiful island full of sun-kissed sandy beaches, peaceful streams, lush tropical landscapes, and welcoming locals. Also the largest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc will give you tons of things to do and see when coming here. This article will give you the best guideline if you are planning to visit this paradise.

1. Where is Phu Quoc Island? Some highlights about this island

Phu Quoc Island belongs to Kien Giang Province, lying 45 kilometers away from the mainland of Vietnam. Covering an area of 574 square kilometers, Phu Quoc is considered the largest island in Vietnam.

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island is truly an ideal getaway for travelers worldwide (Source: Collected)

This place enchants visitors with its immense beaches and primeval forests. Surrounded by 150 kilometers of coastline, Phu Quoc Vietnam features 22 large and small islands, blessed with an array of beautiful sceneries as well as extremely rich flora and fauna. These islands are dotted with famed beaches, such as Long Beach, Khem Beach, Sao Beach, Ong Lang Beach, earning it the name of ‘pearl island’. Phu Quoc Island also boasts majestic mountains and hills, promising to take visitors by surprise with its miraculous beauty of nature.

2. Where to visit: The TOP 10 unmissable Phu Quoc attractions

You will never run out of things to do in Phu Quoc Island. Here are the top destinations that you should not miss out on when visiting this place.

2.1. VinWonders Phu Quoc

VinWonders Phu Quoc is a super attractive theme park that offers visitors a number of outstanding activities. Covering an area of ​​​​46.7 hectares, this place is recognized as the largest theme park in Vietnam and a leading one in Asia. Here, visitors of all ages and preferences can easily find their favorite games.

Phu Quoc Island

VinWonders is one of the attractions that should be included in your Phu Quoc Island trip

VinWonders Phu Quoc is divided into 6 subdivisions that are inspired by world civilizations and enchanting fairy tales. Each subdivision embraces a unique theme, particularly:

  • European Avenue: Take a trip back in time to Europe at its heyday to see the magnificent old buildings, engage in an interactive dark-house game, and witness the multimillion-dollar show “Once”
  • Fantasy World: Get yourself lost in the 5 fantasy worlds, namely Amazing Kingdom, Hidden Oasis, Ancient Valley, Mystical Forest, and Western Frontier
  • Mysterious Viking Village: Explore Viking culture by taking on the role of a mighty warrior at a Scandinavian Nordic village
  • Typhoon World: Become a Hawaiian to conquer challenges in Southeast Asia’s largest water park, relax in the Hawaii-like tropical paradise, and prepare to be swept away by the exciting water waves
  • The Sea Shell: Discover sea creatures and experience thrilling interactive games in one of the five largest aquariums in the world
  • Adventure World: Travel back in time to a mysterious era when the Mayan and Greek civilizations ruled the world, or take on the exciting challenges of the South American rainforest
Phu Quoc Island

There are lots of interesting games here according to many Phu Quoc Island reviews

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2.2. Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is an unmissable destination for animal enthusiasts when they are on Phu Quoc Island. With a scale of 380 hectares, it is currently the biggest semi-wild conservation park in Vietnam. It is home to more than 150 animal species with nearly 3,000 individuals from around the world and approximately 1,200 species of plants. These animals and plants have brought Vinpearl Safari a sense of wildness and serenity that so many travelers have long been looking for.

Phu Quoc Island

Seeing rare animals in person is an interesting activity on your trip to Phu Quoc city

At Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, visitors will be able to experience an exceptional sightseeing format called “keep people in, let animals out”. Sitting in electric buses, you will be able to observe the life of many rare animal species such as South African rhino, Australian kangaroo, Indian tiger, Kenya zebra, etc. In addition to seeing the animals through glass windows, you may approach and feed various animals such as gibbons, giraffes, and elephants.

Phu Quoc Island

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is a must-visit place for animals lovers when coming to Phu Quoc Island

You may also participate in the amazing dances of the African Aboriginal people or see the extraordinary performances of the animals. These activities will promisingly give you unforgettable moments on your Phu Quoc Island trip.

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2.3. Phu Quoc National Park

If you are a nature lover, Phu Quoc National Park is truly your must-visit destination. It is located about 13 kilometers away from the city center to the northeast. Spanning an area of ​​​​up to 314.2 square kilometers, Phu Quoc National Park features a vast amount of unique flora and fauna, evergreen forests, and dense mountain ranges. It is estimated that this park is home to 1,164 species of plants and 200 animal species.

Phu Quoc Island

The diversity of animals and plants draws visitors worldwide to the park of Phu Quoc Island (Source: Collected)

Coming here, you can bathe in the streams, lie back on the flat rocks, and listen to the cheerful bird songs. If you are looking for a challenge of endurance, you can visit Mount Heaven in Phu Quoc National Park. Reaching the top of the mountain, which is 600 meters high above sea level, you will be able to see the whole beauty of Phu Quoc primeval forest. Zooming out into the distance, you can capture the entire stunning landscape of the sea, islands, and mountains.

2.4. Ong Lang Beach

Ong Lang Beach, located on the west coast of Phu Quoc Island, is one of the most beautiful beaches of the pearl island. Unlike other Phu Quoc beaches, Ong Lang Beach is still untouched. The beach has golden sand, black rocks, and green trees along the coast.

Phu Quoc Island

Ong Lang Beach is one of the must-visit Phu Quoc attractions (Source: Collected)

Coming here, visitors can soak in the crystal clear seawater, sunbathe on the powdery sand, or take part in many wonderful activities. Some of the most popular activities include snorkeling, kayaking, and go-kart racing.

2.5. Duong Dong Market

On any list of must-see places on Phu Quoc Island, Duong Dong Market is always included. Located on the banks of the Duong Dong River, right in the heart of the town, it is regarded as the largest seafood market in Phu Quoc. It is a paradise of seafood for shoppers, selling everything from shrimp, crabs, snails to mussels, mackerel, and herring. It also offers various fish species that are difficult to find on the mainland, such as barracuda, cobia, and freshwater garfish.

Phu Quoc Island

The market is known as the most bustling market on Phu Quoc Island (Source: Collected)

Duong Dong market is open daily from 5 am to 7 pm. It is recommended that you come to the market in the early morning to catch the purest air and freshest seafood. If you crave dried food like fish or squid, or want to see the beauty of Phu Quoc night markets, you can come here after the sun goes down and Duong Dong Town is lit up.

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2.6. Starfish Beach

Starfish Beach is one of the most-visited Phu Quoc Beaches with its swaying palm trees, white soft sand, and crystal-clear blue water dotted with orange starfish. Located near An Thoi Port to the south and 30 kilometers away from Duong Dong Town, Starfish Beach is known as a tropical paradise in Vietnam.

Phu Quoc Island

Starfish Beach is worth a visit when you are in Phu Quoc Vietnam (Source: Collected)

The site is sheltered from the southwestern monsoon, so the waves here are calm and the water is shallow, which is ideal for visitors to immerse themselves in the clear turquoise water. Notably, visitors to Starfish Beach will have a one-of-a-kind experience of getting close to the starfish and swimming with them. The beach also offers plenty of water activities for sport enthusiasts, including kayaking, jet-skiing, and parasailing.

2.7. Phu Quoc Prison

Phu Quoc Prison (also called Phu Quoc Prison Camp or Phu Quoc Coconut Tree Prison) is the living evidence of a bygone historical period. It is situated at No. 350, Nguyen Van Cu street, An Thoi ward, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Island.

Built in 1949 during the French colonial period, Phu Quoc Prison was the national prison of the Republic of Vietnam, which had captured 32,000 prisoners. In 1995, the prison was recognized as a national historical relic and is currently served as a tourist destination. Coming here, you will have a chance to learn about the historical imprints of many heroes who endured countless horrifying tortures.

Phu Quoc Island

The prison is a historical place that you should visit on your trip to Phu Quoc Island (Source: Collected)

2.8. Long Beach

Long Beach is a great stopover when you come to the pearl island. Located on the northwestern shore of Phu Quoc Island, it stretches 15 kilometers from Cua Can to Ganh Dau Cape. Tourists are drawn to this beach not only for its blue water and creamy sand but also for the modern amenities nearby.

Coming here, you have a chance to experience a wide range of interesting activities, such as snorkeling, kayaking, jet-skiing, stand-up paddleboarding, and water skiing. After that, you may unwind by sipping on fresh coconut juice under a palm tree. Alternatively, you can lounge on the golden sand beach, take in the magnificent sunset, and hear the waves crashing.

Phu Quoc Island

Long Beach adds to the charm of Phu Quoc Island (Source: Collected)

2.9. Ho Quoc Pagoda

Ho Quoc Pagoda (also known as Truc Lam Ho Quoc) is the largest and most tranquil Buddhist temple on Phu Quoc Island. The temple is situated along the 10-kilometer-long coastal road north of Starfish Beach. It boasts an exceptional position with the back nested on the mountains and the front facing the sea.

Coming here, you will be impressed with the beautiful temple carved with intricate details typical of the Ly and Tran Dynasties’ architecture. Not only that, you will also fall in love with the breathtaking natural setting. Under the giant Buddha statues, many people pray for peace, health, and happiness.

Phu Quoc Island

Ho Quoc Pagoda attracts a large number of tourists to Phu Quoc Island every year (Source: Collected)

2.10. Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Ham Ninh Fishing Village is a highlight of Phu Quoc tourism as well as the main source of seafood for the locals. Located 20 kilometers to the north of Duong Dong Town, the village is famous for its picturesque natural beauty and the peaceful daily lives of local fishermen. For years, the locals here have relied solely on fishing to make ends meet.

Coming here, you can experience the life of the fishermen through fishing and net casting. You will be guided by the fishermen on how to fish. You also have a chance to enjoy many local delicacies, such as ginseng-seaweed water, Tram mushroom, and boiled crabs. If you have enough time, try to stay until late afternoon to take in the golden sunset over the water, which will surely bring you an unforgettable moment on your trip.

Phu Quoc Island

Ham Ninh fishing village is one of the oldest villages on Phu Quoc Island (Source: Collected)

3. What to eat on a Phu Quoc trip to explore the sea flavor?

Vietnam is known around the world for its incredible food, and Phu Quoc Island is a part of its rich and diverse cuisine. Here are the top 5 Phu Quoc foods you should not miss out on:

3.1. Herring salad

Salad from herring is a nutritious dish that perfectly combines fresh fish meat and vegetables. The proper way to eat it is to spread the rice paper, add the herbs, raw vegetables, and fish, roll it firmly and dip it in the sweet and sour sauce. The sweet herring meat, the herbs, and the lingering spicy sauce make for an explosion of flavors.

Herring salad

Salad from herring in Phu Quoc Island has a very distinctive flavor (Source: Collected)

3.2. Steam crab

The meat of Phu Quoc crab is firm and naturally sweet. It can be used to make a variety of delicious dishes, including beer-steamed crab, crab hotpot, crab porridge, and more. Steamed crab is likely the most well-known dish made of Phu Quoc crab. It tastes best when dipped in salt, pepper, and a bit of lemon juice.

Phu Quoc Island

Steamed crab is the favorite dish of many travelers in Phu Quoc Vietnam (Source: Collected)

3.3. Ken noodles

Ken noodles, a type of vermicelli, is one of the most popular dishes at Phu Quoc. The main ingredients of this dish are barracuda or silverfish, which are almost exclusively found on the pearl island. Other ingredients include coconut milk, curry, spices, garlic, chili, bean sprouts, shredded papaya, and herbs.

Phu Quoc Island

Ken noodles have a very unique flavor that can be found only in Phu Quoc Island (Source: Collected)

3.4. Grilled sea urchin

The sea urchin meat is so nutritious that the people of Phu Quoc often liken it to the ginseng of the sea. After being caught, fresh sea urchins will be cleaned, grilled on hot charcoal, and served with roasted peanuts and scallion oil. The greasy urchin meat and the scallion oil’s aroma together make a delicious dish.

Phu Quoc Island

Grilled sea urchin is a must-try dish when you visit Phu Quoc night market (Source: Collected)

3.5. Crab blood pudding

Crab blood pudding is a very strange dish that is mostly found in Phu Quoc. In particular, the vital fluid of the crab is processed into a solid jelly-like form, making it a distinctive dish with exotic flavors. It is often served with rice paper and fresh vegetables in most Phu Quoc eateries.

Phu Quoc Island

Crab blood pudding can be found in many Phu Quoc restaurants (Source: Collected)

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4. The most useful tips for your upcoming Phu Quoc Island travel

To enjoy a perfect trip to Phu Quoc Island, note the tips below:

4.1. The best time to travel to Phu Quoc Island

Travelers can enjoy the beauty of Phu Quoc Island to the fullest thanks to the favorable weather here. It is cool all year round with two distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season.

The dry season, which starts in November and ends in April, is the most ideal time for sightseeing as well as participating in some tourism activities. During this time, you can immerse yourself in the warm sunshine and cool seawater.

If you come in the rainy season from May to October, consider some indoor destinations as there may be long and heavy rains in September and October.

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc weather is comfortable all year round

4.2. The means of transportation for your trip

➟ Going to Phu Quoc Island 

There are 2 common ways to go to Phu Quoc Island from other cities:

  • By plane: This is the most convenient and time-saving means of transportation, as there are many big cities with direct flights to Phu Quoc. From Phu Quoc Airport, it will take you a 20-minute drive to the center of Duong Dong Town.
  • By high-speed ferry: This option is suitable for those with a low budget. However, you should get on board on time since the high-speed ferry will leave on a fixed schedule. Otherwise, you would have to wait for the next ferry for a while.
Phu Quoc Island

There are many means of transportation for your Phu Quoc Island travel

➟ Getting around in Phu Quoc Island

To get around in Phu Quoc Island, you can choose from the 3 options below:

  • Renting a motorbike: As most Phu Quoc attractions are quite far apart, it will be easier for you to get from one location to another if you rent a motorbike. The rental is quite low, ranging from 120,000 to 150,000 VND/day, depending on the type of the motorbike.
  • Renting a car: This option is more appropriate for families and groups of friends traveling to Phu Quoc. The rental typically varies from 700,000 to 1,300,000 VND/day.
  • Taking a taxi: If you have a group of 2-3 people, taking a taxi will be the most convenient choice. The average taxi fare in Phu Quoc is from 12,000 to 20,000 VND/kilometer.

4.3. The highly recommended Phu Quoc hotels to stay

As an attractive tourist destination, Phu Quoc Island has plenty of accommodation options for you to choose from, such as homestays, motels, hostels, Phu Quoc 5 star hotels, Phu Quoc 5 star resorts, etc.

However, choosing top-rated accommodation will ensure that you have the most comfortable trip possible. Perched at a prime location on Long Beach, Vinpearl Phu Quoc is one of the top choices of tourists who want to get the ultimate comfort during their vacation. Vinpearl has outstanding features, such as luxurious rooms, high-class spas, infinity swimming pools, etc., which will surely meet all of your demands during your trip to Phu Quoc Island.

Phu Quoc Island

Vinpearl Phu Quoc hotels and resorts are a perfect suggestion for your stay on the pearl island

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4.4. The items to bring along on your excursion

Here are what you should pack for your trip to Phu Quoc Island:

  • Essential papers: To avoid unexpected troubles, remember to bring your identity card, passport, and driver’s license for checking in at a hotel or airport, renting a motorbike, or buying tickets.
  • Clothing: You should choose the suitable clothes for the corresponding activities, such as swimsuits, dresses, shorts, and so on, especially if you want to take beautiful photos.
  • Cash: In addition to ATM cards, you should have some cash ready in your wallet for convenience or in case of emergencies.
  • Other personal belongings: You should bring additional items based on your needs, such as face masks, cameras, sunglasses, sunscreen, cosmetics, etc.
Phu Quoc Island

You should be well-prepared for the upcoming Phu Quoc trip (Source: Collected)

4.5. The suggested things to buy as gifts

Phu Quoc Island has many unique specialties that you can buy as gifts for friends and family. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Phu Quoc pepper: Phu Quoc pepper has an unrivaled spicy and fragrant taste, making it one of the best options for gifts that you should consider.
  • Fish sauce: Phu Quoc fish sauce is known as a famous specialty of this island. It is made from anchovies that have a characteristic flavor.
  • Dried seafood: Dried seafood is very convenient to bring home. Dried shrimp, dried squid, dried lychee, dried flea fish, dried mackerel, dried barracuda, etc., are some of Phu Quoc sea gifts recommended for you.
  • Pearls: The top quality semi-artificial pearls in Phu Quoc Island are luxurious gifts that you can buy for your loved ones.
  • Phu Quoc sim wine: This wine has a very distinctive sweet aroma that comes from myrtle fruit, a well-known fruit that grows in the mountains or along rocky streams.
Phu Quoc Island

There are many Phu Quoc specialties that you can buy as gifts for your family and friends (Source: Collected)

Phu Quoc Island, with its breathtaking natural scenery and man-made recreational attractions, can satisfy all of your desires for relaxation, enjoyment, and exploration. Hopefully, the above travel tips will be helpful for you to plan for a complete vacation to this place.

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