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Vietnamese pancake

Vietnamese pancake (Banh xeo): A rustic and mouth-watering dish to try once

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Vietnamese pancake is a common dish among the locals. Despite its seemingly simple look, this dish is incredibly popular with foreigners when they visit Vietnam. Vietnamese pancakes will make you satisfied with its strange and delicious taste that lingers on your taste buds for the day.

Vietnamese pancake

Vietnamese pancake is a scrumptious delicacy that gourmets should not miss out on (Source: Collected)

Plenty of ingredients come together in the rice flour pancake known as “Vietnamese pancake“, which is a delightful dish and a popular street food in Vietnam. This article goes into great detail about every aspect of Vietnamese pancakes. If you are interested in Vietnam travel and tourism as well as the local cuisine, read on!

1. Vietnamese pancake – a must-try food on your trip

  • Ingredients

Vietnamese pancakes are stuffed with a wide range of appetizing ingredients, among which the most popular are vegetables, bean sprouts, onion, ginger, meat, and occasionally seafood or pork. The crispy pancake outer layer is formed from a blend of turmeric powder and rice flour.

Depending on the Vietnamese pancake ingredients, a pancake might cost about VND10,000 – VND30,000 (around $0.4 – 1.24) at street vendors. It is typically priced at VND50,000 – VND100,000 (around $2-$4) at some luxurious restaurants.

  • Appearance

A crispy Vietnamese pancake will turn golden in color after being fried on a pan until one side is nicely browned. Placed on a tray next to various herbs, the pancake has the shape of a fan. Its size can vary, depending on the variation. For example, the Southern Vietnamese version tends to be larger and often served with a variety of veggies and bean sprouts. On the other hand, the Central Vietnamese version is generally smaller and often served without bean sprouts.

Vietnamese pancake

A Central Vietnamese pancake (Source: Collected)

Vietnamese pancake

A Southern Vietnamese pancake (Source: Collected)

  • Why it is called “Banh xeo”

The name of the Vietnamese pancake in the local language is “Banh xeo” (literal: sizzling cake). This is due to the fact that when the pancake is boiled in the hot pan, it makes a sizzling sound. Along with the peculiar flavor, the unique name of this dish is also a factor that attracts visitors to taste these pancakes in particular and Vietnamese food in general.

2. How many versions of crispy Vietnamese pancake?

Variations of the crispy Vietnamese pancake depend on the local people’s taste and tradition in different regions. In each region, the local chefs make a slight adjustment while still preserving the dish’s particular flavor. In terms of ingredients and flavor, there are 3 major variations:

2.1. Vietnamese pancake with prawns (Banh xeo tom)

Boiled prawns are the centerpiece of this variation, as its name suggests. Pancakes with prawns are considered the traditional variation. Along with prawns, other fillings that are frequently added to this dish include pork belly, thinly sliced onions, bean sprouts, picked and washed cucumbers, sliced iceberg lettuces, etc. In addition, many herbs are served with this dish, such as mint, coriander, perilla, basil, etc.

Vietnamese pancake

A Vietnamese pancake with prawns will take your taste buds by surprise (Source: Collected)

2.2. Mixed Vietnamese pancake (Banh xeo thap cam)

Mixed Vietnamese pancake is a dish that has a variety of ingredients. Among them, the essentials are the same as those in the traditional variation, but beer is also added to keep the crust crispy for longer. The mixture of ingredients including prawns, squid, pork, and mushrooms, is very harmonious and excellent.

The dipping sauce for this dish includes a lot of ingredients, such as water, sugar, fish sauce, lemon juice, garlic, and chili. Therefore, the sauce is sweet and tangy. In addition, salads, green vegetables, rice paper, and many other foods can also go well with this pancake.

Vietnamese pancake

The ingredients of a mixed Vietnamese pancake (Source: Collected)

2.3. Vegetarian Vietnamese pancake (Banh xeo chay)

Vegetarian Vietnamese pancakes challenge the assumption that vegetarian food is bland and boring. Just by using mushrooms as a filling, there are already roughly 50 different pancake variations. This golden pancake has the aroma of turmeric, the richness of coconut water, the sweetness of mushrooms, and the sourness of vegetarian fish sauce.

The addition of soy-based food further increases the diversity of this pancake variation. Contributing to the dish’s elaborateness is the variety of accompanying vegetables, such as guava leaves, jackfruit leaves, sassafras leaves, and other well-known herbs.

Vietnamese pancake

You will become addicted to this delectable vegetarian Vietnamese pancake (Source: Collected)

All three of the aforementioned variations of Vietnamese pancakes are well-known foods found in numerous provinces and cities in the country. Among them, Nha Trang city has a reputation for having a variety of seafood specialties, especially the mixed pancake primarily consisting of prawns and squid.

While you are exploring Hoi An cuisine, do not forget to enjoy the Vietnamese pancake with prawns here. And although Ho Chi Minh City is not where Vietnamese pancakes originated, all three variations are common here.

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Vietnamese pancake

VinWonders Nha Trang is located in one of the most beautiful bays on the planet

3. How to eat Vietnamese pancakes in the proper way?

There are a few different ways regarding how to eat Vietnamese pancakes. In general, using your bare hands is the best way to enjoy this dish. You should first slice the pancake into bite-sized pieces and place them on rice paper. Then, put in fresh vegetables and herbs and tightly roll them up. Before each bite, dip the roll in Vietnamese pancake dipping sauce, a special fish sauce that perfectly complements this unique pancake.

Vietnamese pancake

Vietnamese pancakes are often enjoyed with rice paper and veggies (Source: Collected)

If you are enjoying the Southern Vietnamese version (the large-size variation), remember to share the pancake with your companions by cutting it into smaller pieces, as it is often too big for one person to eat alone.

Vietnamese pancakes are unquestionably a unique dish unlike any other pancakes you have ever eaten. This dish has a distinctive flavor and taste that should not be missed out on.

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